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Possesses, understands, and applies a comprehensive knowledge in area of specialization. Develops understanding and skills to allow for completion of assignments that cross fields of specialization. Develops leadership and management skills.

  1. Receives/Reviews progress and evaluates results of experiments or projects under control or supervisory responsibility.
  2. Recommends changes in research, testing or experimental procedures.
  3. May be responsible for a single highly technical and complex piece of research equipment.
  4. May review and evaluate the effectiveness of personnel.
  5. May plan for and assign personnel to projects under control.
  6. Operates with latitude for unreviewed action.
  7. May receive general supervision conferring with higher levels only in unusual situations.
  8. Performs other job-related duties as required.

Additional Job Information

The Digital Humanities Core (DHC) facility is a partnership between the Hewlett Packard Enterprise-Data Science Institute (HPE-DSI) and University of Houston (UH) Libraries. The DHC incorporates technological infrastructure, research tools, instructional programming, and interdisciplinary expertise to a centralized resource that facilitates high-capacity production and publishing of digital humanities (DH) research at UH. The DHC engages and credentials diverse communities of scholars in the design and production of high-impact digital research and pedagogy. It supports internally and externally funded DH projects as well as individuals and teams in the process of seeking funding.

The Digital Humanities Technologist coordinates and supports the implementation, scaling, and evolution of the DHC’s Micro-credentialing in the Digital Humanities program. This program encompasses a scaffolded set of training experiences that guides cohorts of UH faculty, students, and staff through sets of core competencies aimed at producing high-quality DH projects, moving from ideation to project and process design, to funding and larger-scale project management, while integrating technologies and fostering self-confidence and autonomous production. The position also facilitates technology adoption in coursework and scholarship within academic departments and programs with a consideration toward the ongoing needs for storing, accessing, computing, and analyzing large data sets in various disciplines.

Job Duties

  1. Manage and coordinate key aspects of the Micro-credentialing in the Digital Humanities program, including marketing and promotion activities; application processes; curriculum development; and content delivery;
  2. Serve as a primary facilitator across the Micro-credentialing in the Digital Humanities program to collaborate with instructors and guest lecturers to ensure consistent, high-quality instructional experiences;
  3. Identify and communicate best practices for applying tooling and technologies as an element of project development and design in the curriculum;
  4. Collaborate with librarian colleagues and other instructors on the design of course projects, ensuring awareness of pedagogical applications of technologies and supporting the use of technologies through consulting services;
  5. Create, update, and maintain clear written documentation and other instructional materials, such as training outlines, tutorial videos, and websites, to support teaching and learning;
  6. Offer guidance to instructors regarding technology-related programs, services, and resources across UH and through the Micro-credentialing in the Digital Humanities program and affiliated units (e.g., Division of Technology, UX Lab, Digital Research Commons, HPE-DSI, etc.);
  7. Remain actively informed on current and emerging technological needs among UH researchers and articulate future trends to DHC colleagues and administrators;
  8. Apply training, data, and infrastructure developed for DHC to the incumbent’s research agenda, including one state-of-the-field talk to coincide with campus-related digital humanities programming during employment period.


This position reports to the Public Humanities Data Librarian, a dual appointment to the HPE-DSI and UH Libraries.


Qualifications :

Doctoral and No experience

Requires singular knowledge of a specialized advanced professional discipline or the highest level of general business knowledge, normally acquired through attainment of a directly job-related terminal degree or equivalent formal training in a recognized field of specialization that is directly related to the type of work being performed. No experience is required.

Preferred Qualifications

Applicants from any humanistic or technological discipline with the PhD in hand by August 1, 2024 are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to candidates who have received a PhD within the last seven years.



Experience in the cultivation and support of interdisciplinary research that integrates scholarly study with creative practice and articulation.

Demonstrated research interests in the area of digital humanities methodologies such as interdisciplinary studies, interactive media, textual encoding and analysis, or digital textuality.


Demonstrated information technology experience in applications, infrastructure, and development

Experience with containerized applications, LAMP and cloud hosting preferred, coding language(s).

Application Materials
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Statement (maximum two pages, single-spaced)
  • Two letters of recommendation

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