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Executive Director

Learning to Learn
Amherst, Massachusetts
Date posted
May 16, 2024

 Executive Director Job Description




UMass Amherst / University Without Walls



Learning to Learn University (LTLU) is a startup non-profit organization that will implement a process for online and in-person, self-directed, mentorship-based independent study. LTLU is hiring for an executive director, to serve as the first employee of the organization.




LTLU partners with colleges and universities to offer the option of university credit for independent study. Our first partnership is with the University of Massachusetts Amherst through its University Without Walls (“UWW”) program. An integral part of LTLU’s mission, this partnership with UWW aims to help high school students gain college credit for independent self-study before graduating. It will also begin to build a relationship between UMass and participating students with the possibility of further study at UMass. LTLU also collaborated with the University of the Wild (“UofWild”), based in Petersham, MA, which teaches students to live sustainably and in tune with the natural world. These partnerships give LTLU the necessary components to educate students of all backgrounds and create a generation of people who love learning and live and act sustainably.




The Executive Director candidate will be an entrepreneurial individual interested in taking on this critical founding role. They will be supported by an active group of founding board members and advisors.




The Executive Director will oversee and support the development of a fundraising strategy for the organization. They will be responsible for leading the implementation of one or more of the Learning to Learn University programs on a daily and weekly flexible schedule in association with university and organizational partners, leadership staff, and advisors. The Executive Director will work with LTLU advisors and mentors, students, and other stakeholders to ensure that these programs are managed in practical and supportive ways to meet their intended goals. Initially, the work will focus on the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with the Executive Director overseeing and managing the implementation of the pilot phase of the UMass-LTLU program. For further information: VISIT:


Executive Director Job Duties The Executive Director will:




  • Manage the partnership with UMass, UWW and UofWild to create a more sustainable program and attract students to UMass.




  • Provide leadership for organization development and fundraising in coordination with Board members and advisors. 




  • Provide support to advisors and staff on issues such as program development and educational standards and mentoring processes.


    Engage with stakeholders in developing programs.


Managing execution


  • Manage day-to-day, week-by-week interactions between mentors, students, and advisors.


    Manage both student and mentor recruitment and onboarding


    Monitor student progress and communicate with mentors and LTLU staff regarding academic or interpersonal concerns


    Evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs, policies, and procedures and make recommendations for improvement


    Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other future staff members 


    Encourage and implement programs based on diversity, equity, justice, and diversity


    At times, participate and facilitate online and in-person meetings, forums, and gatherings


    Prepare reports and evaluation methods for student progress and mentor performance


    Oversee the implementation of new policies and procedures related to programs and initiatives


    Determine how to use available resources best to meet the goals of the program




  • Oversee the implementation of new and innovative educational programs or initiatives


    Develop and implement new policies and procedures related to programs and services 




  • Understand and participate in the evolution of education toward self-directed and student-centered learning


    Do all else to ensure that LTLU is a thriving, engaged, and contributing organization.



Because LTL is a startup organization, the Executive Director will have the opportunity to collaborate extensively with the Executive Team and the Advisory Board on various aspects of the design and implementation of the program and services and will also be asked to support other aspects of the company, including, but not limited to, fundraising, staff selection, and student recruitment. 






Executive Director Salary & Outlook The Executive Director’s salary will vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the responsibilities of the position.




Executive Director Job Requirements and Skills


The position of Executive Director requires the following:


  • Education
    • At least a bachelor's or advanced degree(s) or their equivalent degree and/or experience, ideally but not necessarily with course work in education, as this field provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage education programs.


    Training & Experience
    • Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a familiarity with the workings of higher education institutions


    Certifications & Licenses
    • Certifications are not a requirement for this position.




  • Communication is the act of conveying information through speech, writing, visual and/or other methods. As Executive Director, the successful candidate may be responsible for communicating with a variety of stakeholders, including students, parents, mentors, administrators, and donors. Effective communication can help convey information clearly and build trust with others.


  • Leadership


    • Leadership skills will help the Executive Director develop and implement the LTLU educational programs and services. Leadership skills can also help motivate and inspire others to work toward common goals. Successful candidates can use leadership skills to help develop and implement educational programs, such as by creating a strategic plan, assigning tasks and evaluating the program’s success


    Skills and Abilities


    • Experience and training in related fields of student-centered, self-directed, and experiential-based education. 



Successful candidates are ideally located in New England and, more specifically, in Massachusetts, but geography should not be considered a hindrance to applying. Note that Learning to Learn is in the process of incorporating as a non-profit, and initial employment will be with the affiliated organization the University of the Wild.



Please apply by June 3, 2024, by sending an introductory message email with your resume and support documents to: 


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