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Faculty Position in Art (Painting, Drawing, 2D Media)

Union University
38305, Jackson (US)
Date posted
Apr 15, 2024

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Job Summary - 

The Department of Art is seeking a full-time, Tenure track faculty member in Studio Art Foundations, with primary responsibilities in Painting, Drawing, and Two-Dimensional Design, to begin in August 2024. The position carries a 24-hour teaching load per academic year. Preferred applicants will be those who demonstrate a commitment to painting and drawing, possess an extensive knowledge of the field, and can engage our students in dialogue through historical, theoretical, and current approaches in Art. Candidates will be required to teach various course levels from foundations to advanced painting and drawing courses. The interests, experience, and qualifications of the applicant will be considered in the furtherance of the department mission and educational goals.

Essential Job Duties - 


  1. Teach a full-time load of 24 semester hours minimum. Design curriculum through the development of instructional plans to meet course competencies, the development of activities and assignments which support lesson objectives, and the development of critical thinking skills. Instruction is delivered on an in-seat format.
  2. Facilitate/guide the progress of students toward achievement of course and program outcomes. Define clear learning outcomes.
  3. Assign grades and maintain course/student records in accordance with FERPA regulations and submit grades and records by established deadlines.
  4. Demonstrate interest in the personal and professional growth of students. Maintain effective interpersonal relationships with students. Demonstrate concern for student progress.
  5. Maintain regular on-campus office hours as posted on the office door [or Canvas] for student accessibility outside the classroom, providing ample periods of time for counseling and mentoring students in matters related to academic success, life goals, and spiritual development.
  6. Schedule, supervise, debrief, and evaluate students in clinical, internship, observation, field experience, and similar settings as appropriate for the course or program.
  7. Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  8. Submit budget requests and post textbook information for assigned courses by the posted deadlines.
  9. Participate in assessment activities associated with taught courses by collecting data on student learning outcomes when appropriate and engaging in department activities associated with the analysis and application of those data for the purposes of continuous improvement of the program.

Professional Development

  1. Pursue scholarly growth on an ongoing basis, both within and outside the subject discipline, in the academic profession.
  2. Remain current in academic or program discipline, including participation in professional organizations and scholarly activities; attending and presenting at professional conferences meetings, workshops, and/or conventions; and maintaining licensure, certification, or continuing education requirements where appropriate.
  3. Maintain a commitment to academic scholarship through engagement in the fields of Painting, Drawing and/or Illustration.
  4. Develop online teaching methods, including the use of Canvas, and other virtual classroom tools, should their use become necessary.


  1. Participate in the life of the University, which may take the form of sponsorship or chaperonage of student organizations or activities and attendance at academic, cultural, and athletic events.
  2. Serve on standing or ad-hoc committees, advisory boards, and hiring committees.
  3. Attend departmental, divisional, and college-wide meetings. Participate in faculty business meetings and forums.
  4. Participate in religious emphases and activities sponsored by the University for personal enrichment and as an example and encouragement to colleagues and to students, including regular attendance at Chapel services.
  5. Be available to faculty and students for consultation in one’s area of expertise.
  6. Assist with Pre-Registration, Registration, and New Student Orientation as assigned. When called upon, function as an official academic advisor, counseling students about the course, academic sequence, and program selection.
  7. Take part in campus and community activities related to the discipline of Art.
  8. Participate in fall convocation and commencement exercises (two per academic year), as well as other activities appropriate to the faculty member’s discipline or program.
  9. Apply Christian standards and attitudes in relationships among cohorts, faculty, staff, and students.
  10. Contribute to a positive work climate and the team effort within the school and the department.
  11. Maintain effective interpersonal relationships with full and part-time faculty, staff, and all other persons having a direct impact on the program.
  12. Conduct Art laboratory instruction conforming to best practices, including those for safety. Supervise equipment and order supplies for instruction in the classroom.
  13. Supervise student workers/interns/independent studies/directed study instruction as assigned by the Chair.

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