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Senior Extension Associate Horticulture (Controlled Environment Growing)

Kentucky State University
Louisville, KY
$60,000 - $65,000
Date posted
Feb 14, 2024

Job Details

TITLE: Senior Extension Associate-Horticulture (Controlled Environment Growing)

LOCATION: West Louisville Extension Office                           

DEPARTMENT: Community Resource Development (CRD)                                               

REPORTS TO: Program Leader in Community Resource Development

EFFECTIVE DATE: Position will remain open until filled

EMPLOYMENT STATUS: Full-Time                                              

EMPLOYMENT CLASSIFICATION: Exempt                                   


PRINCIPAL PURPOSE OF JOB: The Extension Associate in Horticulture for Container Farming will be responsible for providing expertise and support to individuals, organizations, and communities interested in implementing and optimizing container farming practices. This role involves offering guidance, conducting research, delivering educational programs, and promoting sustainable and efficient container farming techniques. The Extension Horticulturist will serve as a valuable resource to enhance productivity, improve crop quality, and address challenges related to container farming.






  • Lead Learning Experiences and Workshops Provide expert advice and guidance to individuals, organizations, and communities interested in container farming.
  • Conduct site visits and assessments to evaluate existing container farming systems and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Assist in the planning, design, and setup of container farms, considering factors such as crop selection, environmental conditions, and resource management.
  • Create or research best practices into educational materials that extension staff may implement or utilize for programming.
  • Develop and deliver educational programs, workshops, and training sessions on container farming techniques, best practices, and crop management.
  • Create educational materials, including manuals, guides, and online resources, to support the learning and development of container farmers.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions, agricultural organizations, and community groups to promote container farming education and awareness.
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in container farming technologies, equipment, and crop varieties.
  • Conduct research and experiments to evaluate the performance and productivity of different crops in container farming systems.
  • Collaborate with research institutions and participate in industry conferences to contribute to the advancement of container farming knowledge. Identify and address challenges and issues faced by container farmers, such as pest management, nutrient deficiencies, and crop diseases.
  • Provide recommendations and solutions to overcome challenges, optimize crop yields, and ensure the long-term success of container farming operations.
  • Stay accessible and responsive to inquiries and requests for assistance from container farmers.
  • Build and maintain relationships with container farming professionals, agricultural experts, and industry stakeholders to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Participate in relevant professional associations, conferences, and workshops to expand professional networks and stay informed about industry trends.



OTHER DUTIES: The position will conduct other duties as required.




  • Master's degree in Horticulture, Agriculture, or a related field.
  • Three to Five years of related work experience
  • Proven experience in container farming or greenhouse production. In-depth knowledge of horticultural practices, plant physiology, and crop management techniques.
  • Familiarity with sustainable agriculture principles and environmental stewardship.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to facilitate learning among diverse audiences  
  • Ability to conduct research, analyze data, and present findings in a clear and concise manner.
  • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities.
  • Demonstrated passion for sustainable agriculture and urban farming practices.


Licensing and Certifications: None 






  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment. No or very limited physical effort required. No or very limited exposure to physical risk.




The College of Agriculture, Community, and the Sciences strives for inclusive excellence and is interested in qualified candidates who can contribute to this effort through their research, teaching, and/or Extension programs.








KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY is an Equal Opportunity Employer

The functions, qualifications, knowledge/skills, and physical requirements listed in this job description represent the essential duties of the job, which the incumbent must be able to perform either with or without reasonable accommodation. The Job Functions listed do not necessarily include all activities that the individual may perform.



Kentucky State University is a public, comprehensive, historically black land-grant university committed to advancing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, enhancing society, and impacting individuals by providing quality teaching with a foundation in liberal studies, scholarly research, and public service to enable productive lives within the diverse global economy.

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