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High Impact Tutor, Illinois Tutoring Initiative (Part Time)


High Impact Tutors will tutor students individually or in groups of up to 3 students from across the state in grades 3-8 in Illinois. Tutors will be matched with students in grades 3-8 by proximity, content area and age-level. Tutoring may occur face-to-face or online; face-to-face is preferred. Tutors will work consistently with the same student(s) for the period of one semester for 3 hour-long sessions per week.
  • The Illinois Tutoring Initiative is a 2-year grant-funded project that will end after funding ceases.
  • Tutors will be matched on a semester basis.
  • Tutors will also be paid for required training and planning time and receive a travel stipend for any face-to-face tutoring sessions.
High Impact Tutors will be compensated at a rate of $50 per hour.

Required and Preferred Qualifications

Minimum Qualifications

1. High school diploma or equivalent.
2. Earned a grade of an “A” or “B” in Math and/or English or Reading.
3. Transportation to and from tutoring sessions.
4. Regular attendance is a requirement and expectation of this position.
Preferred Qualifications

1. Previous experience working with PK-12 students.
2. Excellent organizational skills.
3. Excellent communication skills.
4. Technology tools (iPad or laptop) for use in tutoring sessions and/or for submission of required paperwork.
Other Requirements
  • Must pass background screening.
  • Please provide a list of three professional references with current contact information.
  • Attach all applicable education records. If including college level transcripts, you may write “See transcripts” in the required High School Diploma/GED field. Credentials must reflect a grade of “A” or “B” in Math and/or English or Reading.
Supplemental Information

Work Schedule

· Position type: Part-time, assignments given on a semester basis, based on need and academic match
· Days and hours: varies per assignment, Regular attendance is a requirement and expectation of this position.
· Travel may be required in this position.

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