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Job No. 513763 Administrative Support Temporary Pool

California State University, Bakersfield
California, United States
Salary Not specified
Date posted
Nov 6, 2023


SALARY RANGE (typically hiring rate will be within the first quartile of the salary range but is dependent upon experience):






CANDIDATES ELIGIBLE TO APPLY: Open to all qualified applicants


This recruitment creates a pool of qualified applicants to be contacted as temporary/hourly positions are needed. This posting will remain open and active through June 30, 2023.

CSU requires faculty, staff, and students who are accessing campus facilities to be immunized against COVID-19 or declare a medical or religious exemption from doing so. Any candidates advanced in a currently open search process should be prepared to comply with this requirement. The systemwide policy can be found at CSU Vaccination Policy [] and questions may be sent to


Administrative Support Assistant l: Clerical work assignments up to moderate complexity, with relatively short work cycles, involving independently implementing standard clerical procedures and practices. Assignments are usually of narrow scope and may involve completing a component of a project. Typically, no lead responsibilities, but may assist in training new staff members in procedures and coordinating work activities of less experienced individuals. Accountability is usually limited to own work assignments. Day-to-day work is initially performed with direct supervision and detailed instructions changing to an occasional review as more independence is achieved.

Assignments involve limited use of discretion, judgment, and innovation. Policies and procedures are regularly referenced and applied. Assignments involve establishing and maintaining working relationships with others within and outside of the work group.

Administrative Support Assistant ll: A full range of moderate to complex clerical and secretarial work assignments involving the use of judgment and discretion in support of an administrative or academic office or individual. Projects are usually of moderate scope and complexity, such as completion of smaller to medium scale projects or discrete components of larger projects. Day-to-day work is performed relatively independently with general instructions, except for new assignments. Own priorities are regularly set and multiple work priorities are managed. May help set priorities for others but primarily accountable for own work results. Assignments may include planning and coordinating clerical work activities and providing lead work direction and/or training and assistance to others in work processes and procedures. Assignments are varied involving the regular use of judgment and discretion. Courses of action are guide by some interpretation of policies and procedures. A variety of problems are addressed and practical, thorough, and at times, creative solutions are developed. Ingenuity may be used to adapt guidelines and procedures to meet new needs. Assignments and projects often involve coordinating with other work groups to gather routine information or solve problems.

Administrative Support Coordinator l: Coordination of the clerical and administrative support functions for an academic, special program or administrative office, and/or performance of the full range of secretarial and administrative support functions for an individual administrative head or small to medium-sized group. Assignments and projects are varied and complex with longer work cycles. Administrative support projects often involve coordinating, prioritizing, and monitoring through their completion with accountability for end results and work performed by others. Day-to-day work is performed independently under general supervision. Work is supervised in terms of overall accomplishments. Own priorities and often those of other support staff are regularly set. Common and unique problems are addressed using reasoning and judgment and to develop practical, thorough, and creative solutions. Often involved in planning and coordinating work in the unit and/or providing lead work direction and/or training and assistance to others. Work involves addressing a wide range of problems which requires interpreting policies and procedures and using ingenuity to put information together in new ways. Contacts involve coordinating and working with individuals at all levels within the organization and may include providing training to all levels in standard office procedures.

Administrative Support Coordinator ll: Coordination of entire clerical and administrative support functions and/or performance of secretarial and administrative work in a large/complex academic, administrative or program office, and/or in a higher-level administrative office. Administrative work often involves evaluation and recommendations related to operational and procedural matters. Work is performed independently under general direction related to goals. Large scale, complex projects with broad, visible impact that involve coordination with other departments are planned and executed. Project needs are identified, detailed plans are outlined, projects are initiated and coordinated, and work is delegated. Project is coordinated through initiation, execution, coordination, implementation, and evaluation. Support staff and work unit priorities are usually set. Full accountability for workflow and completion of work for the assigned support staff. Lead work direction, training, and guidance to others are provided. Work may involve assistance with work unit staffing decisions and input to performance evaluations. Multiple work unit projects and priorities are handled. Independent decisions on day-to-day operations are made. Specialized policies and procedures are interpreted and applied. A broad range of operational and procedural office and administrative problems which may at times require research, analysis, and evaluation of information may need to be solved. Ingenuity in developing solutions is required. Typically, assignments will require interaction at the highest levels within and outside the university, often in sensitive interpersonal situations.


Education: All Administrative Support positions require completion of a high school program or equivalent.

Skills: All Administrative Support positions require competence in MS Word and Excel. Higher level positions may require a more advanced knowledge.


ASA l - Requires one year of recent (within 3 years) general office experience with an emphasis on customer service.

ASA ll - Requires three years of recent (within 3 years) general office experience with an emphasis on customer service.

ASC l - Requires four years of recent (within 3 years) general office experience to include knowledge of business mathematics beyond basic arithmetic. Experience with budget reconciliation may be needed.

ASC ll - Requires five years of recent (within 3 years) general office experience to include knowledge of business mathematics beyond basic arithmetic. Experience with budget analysis and reconciliation may be needed.

Knowledge: All Administrative Support personnel must have the ability to use standard office equipment such as a copy and fax machine. Demonstrated experience requiring a very high level of diplomacy and professionalism. Excellent communication skills; ability to effectively communicate information in a clear and understandable manner, both verbally and in writing. Thorough knowledge of English grammar, spelling and punctuation. More advanced assignments require demonstrated experience requiring a very high level of diplomacy and professionalism, the experience with more complex assignments, and responsibility for coordination of large scale projects, involving budget knowledge. These higher-level assignments will require the ability to analyze operational and procedural problems and develop, recommend, and evaluate proposed solutions, perform business math, analyze budgetary data, and make accurate projections requiring some inference. Assignments may require the ability to effectively write and present own reports. Some positions may require the use of desktop publishing packages with graphics capabilities.

Applicants hired into the Temporary Pool will be qualified up to an Administrative Support classification level based on their qualifications determined at the time of the interview. Those selected for the temporary pool will be called as needed and will have the ability to accept or decline assignments offered to them. Each assignment will be for a specific Administrative Support level, based on the duties of the position. The Temporary Pool employee will be offered the assignment at an hourly rate consistent within the salary range for the classification needed.


SCREENING: Only those applicants possessing experience most directly related to the immediate needs of the office will be invited to appear before a Qualifications Appraisal Board for the purpose of appraising training, experience, and interest in the position.

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES UNION: It shall be the policy of the CSU in filling vacant CSUEU bargaining Units 2, 5, 7 & 9 positions to fill such vacancies from among qualified individuals currently employed on-campus except when it is determined that it is necessary to appoint outside applicants to meet campus workforce diversity goals or to provide specialized skills and abilities that are not available from current employees.

BACKGROUND CHECK: Satisfactory completion of a background check (including a criminal records check) is required for employment. CSU will make a conditional offer of employment, which may be rescinded if the background check reveals disqualifying information, and/or it is discovered that the candidate knowingly withheld or falsified information. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the continued employment of a current CSU employee who was conditionally offered the position.

SENSITIVE POSITION: Sensitive positions are designated by the CSU as requiring heightened scrutiny of individuals holding the position, based on potential for harm to children, concerns for the safety and security of the people, animals, or property, or heightened risk of financial loss to the CSU or individuals in the university community.


GENERAL INFORMATION: It is the policy of California State University, Bakersfield to hire only United States citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the United States. All new employees will be required to present documentation verifying their right to accept employment. You will also be requested to present a social security card at the time of initial appointment in compliance with state payroll regulations. State regulations require that every state employee sign the Oath of Allegiance prior to commencing the duties of his/her State employment, except legally employed non-citizens. These individuals are required to sign the Declaration of Permission to Work.

EEO STATEMENT: California State University, Bakersfield is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity. Applicants will be considered without regard to gender, race, age, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital status, disability or covered veteran status.


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