Asst Prof, Allied Human Svcs, Addiction Counseling

Description/Job Summary

Baltimore City Community College’s School of Arts and Social Sciences is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Assistant Professor in Allied Human Services and Addictions Counseling. Applicants for this position must be qualified to provide instruction in courses such as: group dynamics, professional ethics, chemical dependency treatment, pharmacology, treatment planning, clinical field work, etc. The assistant professor of Allied Human Services and Addictions Counseling will teach 15 credit hours per semester to a diverse population of learners and through various teaching modalities: face-to-face, virtual, and/or online (day or evening); maintain scheduled office hours; develop and revise curriculum, manage course and program assessment of student learning outcomes; engage in service to the college and the school (i.e., meetings, committee membership, activities, and events); and assist the Program Coordinator and the Associate Dean with other duties as assigned. Candidates with the proven ability to work collaboratively and with potential for leadership are encouraged to apply.


Teaching and Instruction:
  • Contributes to the college’s mission and goals through effective teaching and instruction.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter through exceptional content delivery, pedagogy, and andragogy.
  • Provides input for the development of the Allied Human Services and Addictions Counseling program instruction, standards, and policies.
  • Uploads current syllabi, readings, and homework assignments and submits grades on time in Canvas.
  • Maintains attendance records in Banner.
  • Provides guidance to students for academic planning.?
  • Incorporates current instructional technologies into the classroom.
  • Provides students with written and oral feedback in a timely fashion.
  • Holds required office hours.
  • Enhances the visibility of the Allied Human Services and Addictions Counseling program by providing leadership at the college and in the community.
  • Effectively communicates with students by email, phone, online discussion boards, and face-to-face, as appropriate.
  • Maintains up-to-date and accurate records on student progress and academic achievement.
Service and Professional Development:
  • Actively participates in college and school committees.
  • Stays current with, and contributes to, developments in the various fields and disciplines within Allied Human Services and Addictions Counseling.
  • Assists Program Coordinator with regular, systematic program review and evaluation.
  • Contributes to the development and implementation of student learning outcomes and appropriate evaluation methods.
  • Maintains quantitative and qualitative data to support student learning and outcome assessment.
Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • At least three years of experience teaching in a college environment.
  • Experience with Canvas or another learning management system (LMS).
Preferred Qualifications

Preferred Qualifications:
  • Five years or more of experience teaching in a college environment, preferably with community college experience.
  • Formalized training in Substance Use Disorders.
  • Commitment to working with underrepresented populations.

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