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Electricity/Electronics Technology Instructor (Laney) | Tenure-Track

Peralta Community College District
Oakland, California
$66,714 - $90,105/Year
Posted Date
May 30, 2023

Laney College


Electricity/Electronics Technology Instructor (Laney) | Tenure-Track

Salary Range: $66,714 - $90,105/Year Initial salary placement is commensurate with experience and educational background.

Application Deadline Date: June 20, 2023


Full job description and OFFICIAL application available ONLY at:


Job Description Summary 

Duties & Responsibilities 

Teaching schedule may include evening or weekend hours as part of contract assignment. 


Instructors are expected to use and keep abreast of advanced teaching methods, including the use of current and future technologies to support student learning and career objectives. 

• Provide lecture and laboratory instruction in subjects within the discipline such as electrical theory, residential and commercial wiring, industrial controls, PLCs, motoes and drives, safety standards and practices, photovoltaic systems, and low voltage systems in accordance with established course outlines. 

• Responsible for teaching a regular classroom assignment consisting of a minimum of 15 equated teaching hours per week including ongoing assessment of student learning, tracking student progress, maintaining required grade and attendance records, and submitting records on time in the manner required. 

• Develop and update program curriculum, course outlines, class projects, and instructional materials as needed. 

• Track industry trends and opportunities to add courses and programs to address new certifications, certificates and licenses. 

• Develop and maintain an effective industry advisory board. 

• Assist with the placement of students in industry by interfacing with industry partners and referring students to openings. 

• Identify equipment and supply needs of the department, secure quotes from suppliers, and help maintain inventory of equipment and supplies needed for instruction. 

• Develop and offer distance education or hybrid courses in the discipline as appropriate. 

• Assess course and program level learning outcomes and develop and implement instructional improvement strategies. 

• Perform professional outreach activities including working with high school academies to recruit students. 

• Inform students via syllabi concerning course requirements, evaluation procedures, and attendance requirements. 

• Grading should be clear and transparent and applied fairly and equitably. 

• Maintain necessary attendance, scholastic and personnel records, and submits them according to published deadlines. 

• Prepare and grade class assignments and examinations and promptly returns them to students. 

• Post and maintain required office hours in accordance with the prevailing policy. 

• Participate in faculty discussions on curriculum, teaching-learning techniques and teaching materials. 

• Participate on departmental, divisional, and campus committees. Develop and revise courses in the discipline. 


The Instructor is also responsible for providing a full professional service week that may include, but is not limited to: 

• Teaching, teaching preparation, maintenance of office hours and student advising, and maintenance of student rosters, class records and grade completion in accordance with District policy and procedures; 

• Performing departmental duties such as program and curriculum development, evaluation and revision, and selecting appropriate instructional materials, and working with administrators and other faculty to develop a comprehensive pre-collegiate program; 

• Participation in professional activities such as departmental and campus committee work, faculty peer evaluations, staff meetings and participation in the governance structure of the College and District; 

• Pursuing professional growth activities to remain current in discipline and teaching methodology; 

• Performing professional outreach activities (e.g., working with administrators and other faculty, as part of course development and depending on need, by participating in an industry advisory committee for a program, working with inter-segmental education partners—such as high school, adult school and other colleges—and industry partners to design and implement effective basic skills curricula and career pathways in the discipline, etc.); and 

• Performing other related duties as assigned by the College.


Minimum Qualifications 

1. Possession of any Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college of university and four years of professional experience in the Electrical Trade (including work as an engineer, journey-level electrician, or other work in the electrical industry);


2. Possession of an Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or university in any field and six years of professional experience in the Electrical Trade (including work as an engineer, journey-level electrician, or other work in the electrical industry);


3. The equivalent qualifications (Candidates who claim equivalency must provide conclusive evidence, as clear and reliable on the college transcripts as required on the District Equivalency Application Form. Refer to the Equivalency Procedures below. This is not a process to waive the minimum qualifications.) 


Desirable Qualifications 

• A C-10 contractor’s license, or a State of California Journeyman Electricians License/certificate (having passed the state journeyman’s exam and having the required field experience), or having at least a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with some field experience in some applicable facet of the electrical industry. 

• Familiarity with the State of California Electrical Trainee program 

• At least two (2) years prior community college teaching experience in the Electrical field 

• Commitment to the community college objective of providing instructional strategies and resources supportive of the cultural diversity within the student campus community. 

• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with students, staff, and public from diverse cultures. 

• Membership in appropriate professional organizations. 

• Ability to motivate and support the learning of students with varying academic backgrounds. 


The Peralta Community College District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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