Adjunct Faculty, Online Course (BUAN 505-Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision

Job Description

We are currently hiring adjunct faculty to teach BUAN 505- Information Analytics and Visualization in Decision Marking

Course Description

One of the most potent models of the decision process is the OODA Loop -- that we Observe, Orient, Decide, and then Act. Key to this or any other control and decision (or cybernetic) process is that vast quantities of raw sensory data about the outside world must be processed, abstracted, and then presented in contrast and conjunction with the knowledge previously generated and retained. This two-step process -- the reduction, analysis, filtering and abstracting of data into knowledge, and its presentation in formats and fashions that support the decisions that must be made -- is the subject of this course. The relationships between such analysis and visualization will be examined in the context of business and organizational decision-making and decision support systems concepts.

Please note that ERAU policy requires that all adjuncts be physically located within the United States while working for the University, including during training. Presently, we are able to support work for new adjuncts from all U.S. states except California . ERAU does not support work from international locations with some limited exceptions for individuals who are residing and working from U.S. military bases.


A minimum of a Doctorate degree in discipline is required (please see list of acceptable disciplines below), as well as relevant industry experience from within the last 7 years.

Required Professional Certification

SAS Certification or SAS training certificate in Visual Analytics & Tableau

Degrees Within the Teaching Discipline

Doctoral degree required:

Management Information Systems

Computer Science

Information Technology Management

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