Dean of Instruction, Applied Science, Business, and Technology

San Joaquin Delta College
California, United States
Salary Not Specified
Posted Date
Aug 25, 2022

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The Dean of Instruction will support Delta College's educational mission and strategic goals by providing leadership, oversight, and accountability for ensuring quality instruction, student equity, program completion, and postgraduation outcomes for students in assigned areas and Transfer and Career (TrAC) pathways. The Dean will have a demonstrated commitment to data-driven decision-making, the Guided Pathways framework, and fostering student success and equity at scale. Under the general supervision of the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instruction and Planning, the Dean will provide vision and leadership for TrAC programs, assigned fiscal resources and facilities, classified professional staff, and regular, contract, and adjunct faculty. The Dean will provide coordination and oversight for TrACs and Success Teams, including their work in student cohort management, student access and equity, and student progress monitoring from program entry to completion. The Dean will coordinate TrAC pathways and collaborate with the Director of Strategic Enrollment Management and other deans to ensure student access to courses, the maintenance of enrollment efficiencies, and the timely completion of programs. As part of the complex work of portfolio management of programs, the Dean will develop and promote collaborative partnerships with programs, functional units, and educational and student services across the campus and throughout the community. The incumbent will develop and maintain a campus climate based on trust, open communication, and mutual respect.


Receives general direction from Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction or designee. Incumbents work within a broad framework of standard procedures and objectives.

Incumbents in this classification assign, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate the work of assigned classified, faculty, and management staff.


  1. VISION, PLANNING, AND LEADERSHIP: In collaboration with District managers, faculty, and staff, provides overall leadership, including articulating a vision and direction, for all areas of assigned Transfer and Career Pathways (TrACs). Communicate the vision and direction throughout the College and the wider community. Using the College Educational Master Plan, the Facilities Master Plan, the Student Equity and Achievement Plan, and the College Strategic Goals and Plan, develops a 5- year plan for assigned TrACs that ensures quality instruction and support, student equity, program completion, and postgraduation outcomes for students. On an annual basis, establish, implement, maintain, monitor, and evaluate TrAC program goals and objectives using appropriate data, and review findings with program staff in order to plan for effective TrAC program improvement and the mitigation of disproportionate impact.
  2. PERSONNEL: Foster a positive, collaborative working environment among managers, faculty, and staff. Assist in recruiting, screening, interviewing, and conducting reference checks of classified, faculty, and management applicants within the assigned TrAC Conduct orientation activities for new hires. Provide proper day-to-day administrative supervision and management of all personnel within the TrAC and conduct periodic evaluations of all staff as mandated by college policy. Provide leadership and serve as a technical resource for professional development activities within the TrAC. Arrange for staff substitutes, as necessary, to maintain the appropriate day-to-day operation of programs. Serve as a first-line supervisor in all matters and processes covered in the employee relations contracts.
  3. GUIDED PATHWAYS, PROGRAMS, AND SUPPORT: Support academic program faculty and staff in planning efforts, strategic goal setting, and implementing practices aimed at improving student equity, completion, transfer rates, and postgraduation employment. Manage a full portfolio of assigned TrAC programs and foster the work of Guided Pathways and Success Teams to ensure success throughout the entire student journey, including onboarding into TrACs, monitoring cohorts, providing intrusive and scaled support, and ensuring postgraduation success. Work with assigned counselors, classified professionals, and faculty across and within programs to regularly review data, curriculum, strategies, and holistic work needed to engender equity and success in courses and programs. Using data, assist in the development, implementation, evaluation, and revision of curriculum and programs within the TrAC. Through the work of program portfolio management of programs, develop and promote collaborative partnerships with programs, functional units, and educational and student services. Assist in comprehensive marketing and promotion of TrAC curriculum, services, and programs, as well as the recruitment of students. Serve as a technical resource in interpreting college curricular and co-curricular policy governing student field trips, development and maintenance of student/instructor handbooks, interdisciplinary relations, program certification and accreditation, and articulation activities with schools, colleges, and universities. In collaboration with TrAC program faculty and staff, conduct periodic program reviews as mandated by college policy in order to ensure program relevance, prioritize resource needs, and strategically plan for student equity and achievement.
  4. STRATEGIC ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT: In collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instruction and Planning, the Director of Strategic Enrollment Management, other Deans of Instruction, and with appropriate faculty and staff input, employ college-wide enrollment management principles, scheduling guidelines, and enrollment targets to determine course offerings and the appropriate sections of each course (including corresponding time schedules) to effectively ensure access, equity, and timely completion of programs. Recommend the appropriate assignment of faculty and rooms for all classes offered within the assigned TrAC. Monitor enrollment effectively, and add/cancel classes as necessary.
  5. MANAGEMENT: Develop and monitor budgets, class schedules, and the College Catalog as they pertain to the assigned TrAC. Execute effective management in administering the TrAC including preparing a variety of reports, monitoring reports required of faculty and staff, obtaining supplies and materials, maintaining and inventorying equipment, and accounting for and approving instructor units. Implement, maintain, and monitor instructional contracts as approved by the College administration. Assist in the maintenance of the Matriculation Plan, Technology Plan, and Federal and State Grants related to or involving the TrAC.
  6. MEETINGS, AGENDAS, AND MINUTES: Responsible for preparation, maintenance and circulation of all meeting agendas and minutes pertaining to the assigned TrAC, its programs, advisory committees, foundations, and community-based committees or organizations.
  7. FACILITIES: Develop, assign, and monitor use of assigned facilities within the TrAC(s), including specialized facilities. Evaluate facility utilization and provide recommendations for the enhancement of facility usage. Report the need of required maintenance of facilities to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. Manage hazardous materials as mandated by college policy.
  8. STUDENT RELATIONS: Serve as a resource in advising, registering, and providing job placement and referral to students within the assigned TrAC. Promote student scholarships, student clubs, and other student-oriented organizations within the TrAC, and encourage faculty and classified staff participation with these organizations. Promote and encourage student workshops, field days, open houses, and other student/college activities to effectively ensure the practices of Guided Pathways, Success Teams, cohort management, and the improvement of student equity, completion, transfer rates, and postgraduation employment. Serve as a first-line administrator concerning the hearing and handling of student complaints pertaining to TrAC staff, curricular, and co-curricular issues.
  9. TEACHING: Provide leadership and serve as a technical resource for curriculum development and student evaluation within the assigned TrAC. Assist faculty in the development, evaluation, and revision of courses and curriculum for programs in order to ensure program relevance and strategically plan for student equity and achievement.
  10. EXTERNAL RELATIONS AND FUNDING: Participate in community activities to promote a positive image and community support of the college and the assigned TrAC's programs and services. Develop innovative approaches to TrAC funding. Seek, promote, develop, and implement educationally-related grants and contracts appropriate to the TrAC. Serves as a liaison between faculty and the Foundation Coordinator regarding programs that utilize or generate foundation funds/activities. Accept and direct all donations to the college and its staff in accordance with college policy.
  11. ADVISORY COMMITTEES: In cooperation with instructional staff and management, maintain existing advisory committees and when appropriate, establish new committees and select advisory committee members. Ensure that advisory committees meet at least twice per year, that agendas and minutes are provided to the committee members in a timely manner and a copy of the agendas, minutes, and original sign-in sheet are maintained for a minimum of four (4) years in the assigned TrAC office.
  12. UNIQUE DIVISION PROGRAMS: Assist the faculty and staff in producing successful exhibits, activities and programs in the assigned TrAC, and promote collaboration among programs within the TrAC and across the college curriculum.
  13. Perform other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:
  • Laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to California Community Colleges; arts and communication program assessment, analysis, and evaluation processes;
  • Collective bargaining contracts;
  • Budget management; grant proposals and fund raising.
  • Accreditation requirements for effective student learning and programs services including instructional programs and student support.
  • Computer-based technology for management of assigned programs and for research, planning, and assessment of institutional effectiveness including instructional, student, and/or support services outcomes.
  • The goals and processes of shared governance.
  • Principles and practices of administrative organization and management, planning, supervising and evaluating the work of others, employee motivation and training.
  • The interrelationships of disciplines and services within a college in order to develop and implement division programs and services most efficiently and effectively
Ability to:
  • Communicate effectively and constructively with persons of diverse cultures, language groups, and abilities.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and ability to work with the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, faculty, and staff, including those with disabilities.
  • Work in a collaborative environment of shared decision-making;
  • Understand the inter-relationships of disciplines with the assigned Transfer and Career Pathway(s) (TrAC);
  • Manage instructional programs and support;
  • Supervise, evaluate, and support managers, faculty, and classified personnel;
  • Develop and implement the success of and equity in educational programs;
  • Integrate information and data from unrelated sources to problem solve, develop and/or implement innovative and comprehensive solutions for student success and equity;
  • Promote TrAC and programs, as well as effective collaboration, across the college and community;
  • Assume the responsibilities of a comprehensive, complex set of Transfer and Career Pathway (TrAC) programs and services;
  • Communicate and work effectively with students, staff, and the community.
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic, ethnic backgrounds and disabilities of community college students and staff.
  • Support the District in achieving its mission, vision, and strategic goals as appropriate in carrying out the duties of this position;
  • Focus on student success, service excellence, and willingness to assist colleagues District-wide, as needed
Education and Experience Requirements:


Master's or higher degree from an accredited college or university, doctorate preferred. Possess credentials in a discipline presented in the TrAC, preferred.


Six (6) years of faculty or academic administrative experience at the secondary or college level with at least three (3) years of leadership experience. Experience with the diverse needs of students; individualizing instructional programs; Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and partnerships with private and public employers, community-based organizations and professional organizations


A valid Class 'C' California Driver's License.

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