To provide specialized assistance in the areas of Simulation Operation. Will assist in the maintenance and utilization of simulation equipment for simulated clinical scenarios. Will work with the Simulation Coordinator to promote and run the simulation program. This position will assume a role in assisting hands on support to students and instructors in the Simulations program within the Divisions of Health Sciences.


Receives direction from an assigned supervisor.

Responsibilities and Duties
Responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Provide setup/takedown/moulage of requested simulations.
  2. Program, test and run simulation scenarios for faculty facilitators, assuring that the facility, equipment and supplies are set up appropriately and that desired outcomes will be achieved; interpret and implement changes when necessary.
  3. Consult with faculty on appropriateness of simulations to achieve learning outcomes and consult with faculty and staff to ensure accuracy of scenario documents.
  4. Analyze simulations and decide equipment and moulage needed.
  5. Contribute to the development of simulation center policies, procedures, and practices.
  6. Provide tours/demonstrations/trainings/forums about simulation and simulation technologies, provide support and assistance with other special projects or initiatives as needed.
  7. Participate in providing operations/maintenance/repair of low-fidelity to high-fidelity task trainers.
  8. Assist with technical support/maintenance for digital audiovisual hardware and data capture system to record simulated sessions and of hi-fidelity computerized manikins.
  9. As needed, interface with the equipment manufacturers (manikin and data capture) regarding equipment troubleshooting and system problems; maintain record of repairs.
  10. Order, distribute and audit disposable inventory of sim/practice lab supplies using a computerized system.
  11. Assist with the management of records and data within the simulation center including learner and facilitator evaluations, usage statistics, equipment specs and documentation.
  12. Ensure that knowledge and expertise in the use and operation of different simulator technologies ranging from anatomic models and task trainers to screen-based simulations to full body patient simulators is up-to-date.
  13. Maintain current knowledge of practice laboratory and simulation resources.
  14. Participate in technical training and provide training/support/consulting to faculty and other staff as needed.
  15. Contribute to the development of policies, procedures, and best practices.

Knowledge of:
  • Standard office procedures and equipment; computer proficiency and technical aptitude utilizing MS Office applications and internet.
  • Principle of medical terminology and human anatomy/physiology.
  • Principle of human patient simulator technologies and applications.
  • Basic operations and services of computer hardware equipment and sophisticated software applications relevant to simulator functions and data capture systems.
  • Practices, and technologies of audio/video equipment and software for recording, duplication, mixing and editing.
Ability to:
  • Work cooperatively with lay persons, students, and faculty educating health care professionals in a higher education institutional setting.
  • Utilize and maintain simulation equipment and digital video recording equipment.
  • Multi-task and work cooperatively with others.
  • Perform all tasks and job responsibilities safely without injury to self and others in compliance with safety standards.
  • Sensitivity to and understand diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, linguistic, ethnic backgrounds and disabilities of community college students and staff.
  • Work cooperatively with students, staff.

Education :

Associate's degree in a health care related field.


Experience with IT and/or multimedia preferred. One (1) year experience related to health care simulation; providing services in pre-hospital, hospital, medical military environment, or any other healthcare type environment preferred.


This position is categorically funded.

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