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Adjunct Faculty, Singapore

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Salary Not Specified
Posted Date
Aug 9, 2021
Job Description

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Asia campus is hiring an Adjunct Faculty to support the campus in the instruction of courses to train and groom tomorrow’ aviation leaders. The adjunct faculty should make use of engaging visuals and technologies to facilitate knowledge transfer and interaction with students.

We are looking for adjunct faculty members to teach the following courses:
  • ASCI 303 - Tower and Radar for Air Traffic Control and Management

  • ASCI 401 - Airport Development and Operations

  • ASCI 403 - Air Traffic Management

  • ASCI 404 - Applications in Aviation/Aerospace Law

  • CYBR 335 Information Security Tools and Techniques

  • CYBR 365 Introduction to Digital Forensics

  • CYBR 465 Cybercrime and Cyberlaw

  • CYBR 485 War, Terrorism, and Diplomacy in Cyberspace

  • UNSY 316 Operational and Business Aspects of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

  • UNSY 318 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Robotics

  • UNSY 410 Unmanned Systems Sensing Technology

  • WEAX 301 Aviation Weather

  • PHYS 142 Introduction to Environmental Science

  • WEAX 201 Meteorology I

  • BUAN 301 Evidence-Based Management: The Need for Data

  • BUAN 428 Business Analytics and Data Intelligence

  • BUAN 302 Communication and Ethics in Data Analysis

  • MMIS 385 Programming Concepts

  • MMIS 392 Database Management

  • BUAN 304 Advanced Statistics and Analytics Concepts

  • BUAN 405 Applied Analytics I -- Descriptive Analytics

  • BUAN 406 Applied Analytics II -- Predictive Analytics

  • BUAN 407 Business Intelligence in Industry Capstone

  • AMNT 240 General Aeronautics and Applications

  • AMNT 260 Aircraft Electrical Systems Theory

  • AMNT 270 Airframe Structures and Applications

  • AMNT 271 Airframe Systems and Applications

  • AMNT 280 Reciprocating Engine Theory and Applications

  • AMNT 281 Turbine Engine Theory and Applications

  • AASI 600 Sustainable Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives

  • AASI 605 Aviation and Aerospace Sustainable Organizations

  • AASI 607 Airport Sustainability Operations

  • AASI 611 Sustainable Aviation Fuels and Carbon Offsetting

  • AASI 613 Sustainable Air Traffic Management

  • AASI 625 Sustainability Policy in Aviation and Aerospace

  • AASI 629 Sustainable Air Vehicles; Design and Propulsion

  • AASI 635 Sustainable Aviation Techniques and Tools

  • AASI 637 Aircraft Decommissioning and Circular Economy

  • AASI 639 Aviation Corporate Sustainability Management

  • MACY 515 Foundations of Aviation Cybersecurity

  • MACY 520 Aviation Cybersecurity Threats, Actors, Tools, and Techniques

  • MACY 525 Aviation Cybersecurity Risk Management and Resilience

  • UNSY 501 Application of Uncrewed Systems

  • UNSY 503 Legal and Regulatory Issues in Uncrewed Systems

  • UNSY 603 Uncrewed Systems Operational Configuration

  • MKTG 510 Economics of Marketing

  • MKTG 511 Science of Selling

  • MKTG 512 Delivering Customer Solutions

  • MKTG 632 Global Marketing

  • BUSW 604 International Business Administration

  • BUSW 352 Business Quantitative Methods

  • SCTY 400 – Aviation Security


Required Education:
  • Master’s or doctoral degree within teaching discipline of chosen course

Required Skills and Experience:
  • Confident and comfortable to engage with large groups

  • Prior teaching experience at higher educational institution an advantage.

Please note: Adjunct faculty members are expected to commit for a 9-week academic term for each contract. The faculty member will be required to teach up to six hours per week in class, and must be available to teach during the day during weekdays and/or weekends.

Candidates who do not possess a minimum of a Master's degree will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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