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Position Number F27500 Is this employee on a H1B Visa? Position Type Teaching and Research Faculty Rank Instructor Working Title Training Associate School/Unit School of Education Department SOESpecEd&DP: RRTC Number of Months 12 Tenure Status Non-Tenure Eligible Grant funded position? Yes - Continuation of this position depends on funding of the grant.
Mission or Goal of Unit
Established in 1983, the Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC provides resources for professionals, individuals with disabilities, and their representatives. Our team of nationally and internationally renowned researchers is committed to developing and advancing evidence-based practices to increase the hiring and retention of individuals with disabilities. The RRTC aims to improve employment opportunities and quality of life in the workforce for individuals with disabilities. In Virginia, the employment rate of working-age individuals with a disability is just 37 percent – 42 percent lower than the rate for those without disabilities. To help those already in the workplace, as well as those looking for work, the RRTC offers training and technical assistance for both employees and employers. The center also conducts research looking into improving employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities and then shares its results with employers and state agencies.

Chief purpose of this position in support of above mission or goal
VCU School of Education’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center ( RRTC ) is seeking an engaged and energetic colleague to serve as a Training Associate in support of the training and technical assistance programs offered to businesses, vocational and community rehabilitation programs as well as job seekers and employees with disabilities and their families. VCU RRTC holds numerous grants and contracts requiring training and technical assistance as a component of their work. This position will provide support primarily to the Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center for Quality Employment ( VRTAC -QE) and the Virginia Department of Education subcontract for the Autism Center for Excellence – Project SEARCH . The VRTAC -QE’s goal is to increase the knowledge and skills of state vocational rehabilitation agencies and community partners that help individuals with disabilities achieve quality employment and career advancement with emphasis on competitive integrated employment. A portion of this position will support providing training and technical assistance to vocational rehabilitation agencies and community partners. The subcontract for the Virginia Department of Education subcontract for the Autism Center of Excellence – Project SEARCH has a goal of creating a Project SEARCH site at a military installation. A portion of the funding for this position will go to assisting with the coordination of establishing and supporting that Project SEARCH site.

This position will require the selected individual to develop and deliver face-to-face and online training materials, travel nationally during and after the COVID -19 pandemic and in accordance with the university travel guidelines, and have expertise and experience in supported and customized employment and Project SEARCH .

Position Responsibilities
The Training Associate will be responsible for:

•Development and delivery of face-to-face training materials highlighting best practices for hiring, maintaining, and retaining individuals with disabilities designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of businesses, vocational rehabilitation personnel, individuals with disabilities and their families, and education staff.

•Public speaking in conference, classroom, and virtual settings (to include web courses, webcasts, audio-video teleconferences) nationally.

•Coordination of training events to include registration, material development and dissemination following center protocol and ensuring accessibility for all audiences.

•Development of training events and materials that are individualized to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders.

•Produce materials and provide training and technical assistance nationally to include but not limited to the topics of supported employment, customized employment, vocational and community rehabilitation programs, community-integrated employment, building business relationships, supporting individuals with disabilities in obtaining, retaining, and advancing their employment, assistive technology and compensatory strategies for individuals with a variety of disabilities.

•Respond to information and referral inquiries by training participants and other community members. Information and referral inquiries are addressed and documented as they occur. Ensure the information provided is accurate, professional, and demonstrates respect, honesty, and excellence.

•Identify appropriate training activities and formats, compilation, development, final production, and dissemination. Oversee revisions to current training materials by determining when revisions and/or additions are appropriate and developing a schedule for completion of revisions/additions.

•Utilize a variety of technology for instructional purposes including the development of online courses, web-based seminars, and presentations.

•Communicate with supervisor and staff to gather information regarding training activities and ongoing progress and ensure duties are completed in a timely manner to meet course deadlines.

•Work with a Project SEARCH host business to educate leaders, managers, and staff on the project and the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

•Facilitate, implement, and evaluating vocational rehabilitation models to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities seeking employment across the country.

•Assist vocational and community rehabilitation programs across the country in the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based practices by providing training and technical assistance to build the capacity and confidence of those who support individuals with disabilities.

•Develop and publish training materials to include training slide decks, fact sheets, guides, infographics, case studies, plain language summaries, journal articles, handbooks, and toolkits.

•Work with research teams to translate knowledge learned into understandable tools and training materials for stakeholders.

•Analyze and interpret complex research information for various audiences and adjust training and technical assistance delivery accordingly.

•Co-author journal articles, book chapters and fact sheets on employment for individuals with disabilities, autism, and transition of youth with disabilities.

•Evaluate live face-to-face and online training activities for a variety of participants to include vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists, employers, and individuals with disabilities.

•Identify required prerequisites, training, and screenings within the Project SEARCH host business that must be completed by students with disabilities and develop processes for completing them.

•Collaborate with VCU faculty and staff, national state vocational and community rehabilitation programs, adult service providers, individuals with disabilities, and other stakeholders to improve employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

•Collaborate with VRTAC -QE and VCU team members to develop and revise training materials to include products, presentations, and videotaping.

•Develop strong, open, professional, respectful and meaningful relationships with community agencies and businesses to include administration, managers, and staff; work across the business and agencies to develop relationships in order to meet the training and technical assistance needs of each organization.

•Work with businesses to educate leaders, managers, and staff on the project, and the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.

•Provide individualized technical assistance to businesses that are interested in hiring individuals with disabilities into their workforce.

•Provide individualized technical assistance to vocational rehabilitation agencies, community rehabilitation providers, and educational organizations to better assist them in preparing individuals with disabilities for the workforce as well as assistance with improved service provision.

•Navigate the intricacies of businesses and rehabilitation providers to understand the organization, policies, and politics in order to provide the necessary training and technical assistance required.

•Coordinate a team of individuals from various community agencies to assist students with disabilities in finding community integrated employment.

•Coordinate transportation options for student interns.

•Assist in developing Memorandums of Agreement ( MOA ) for project partners.

•Coordinate with host business all project needs to include internship sites, internship tasks, classroom space and needs, transportation to and from internships, and classroom location and classroom needs.

•Problem solve any issues that arise with Project SEARCH onsite team and organizational leaders.

•Communicate all successes and challenges with Project SEARCH team of partners.

•Delegate Project SEARCH responsibilities based on strengths and skills of team members.

•Provide direct support to youth with disabilities while in Project SEARCH internship settings and provide behavior support to youth with disabilities while in the project.

•Serve as the Project SEARCH team liaison with the host business administration and keep administration abreast of any issues that arise in a timely manner.

•Travel nationally both during and after the COVID -19 pandemic to deliver training to live audiences.

Required Qualifications
•Master’s degree from accredited college/university with major coursework in Counseling, Social/Behavioral Sciences, Rehabilitation, Human Services, or another relevant field.

•A minimum of three years of prior direct service experience working with and for individuals with disabilities in competitive integrated employment utilizing supported and customized employment.

•A minimum of three years of experience with primary responsibility on-site within a Project SEARCH host business.

•Knowledge and experience of vocational and community rehabilitation programs.

•Willingness and ability to travel nationally during and after the COVID -19 pandemic and in accordance with the university travel guidelines with travel expenses to be reimbursed through the university.

•A minimum of three years of experience developing, producing, and delivering training products and learning resources for live and web-based training for businesses and vocational rehabilitation agencies in the area of employment and best practices related to advancing competitive integrated employment for individuals with disabilities.

•Must possess the ability to reason, think logically, and analyze situations to achieve resolution to problems or concerns, prioritize assignments, and manage time efficiently.

•Excellent verbal and written communication, organizational, interpersonal, and strong customer service skills.

•Must have the ability to research, write, and edit web-based instructional materials; develop live training content; and deliver live training content on evidence-based employment strategies for individuals with disabilities.

•Excellent presentation skills for live audiences of 30+ participants.

•Computer experience using Microsoft Windows software packages, and experience with MS Office.

•Demonstrated experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment or commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU .

Preferred Qualifications
  • Credentialed or scheduled to sit for examination as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor through the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification ( CRCC )

  • Association of community rehabilitation educators ( ACRE ) certificate and/or national certificate in employment services

Date Posted 07/16/2021 Open Until Filled No Application Deadline Date 08/18/2021 Proposed Hire Date 09/10/2021 Type of Search National Application Process/Additional Information
As a preeminent national, urban, public research university and academic health center, Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion – an environment where all can thrive in their pursuit of excellence.

Applicants are requested to submit a Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (typically between 150-300 words) providing your career aspirations and contributions toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through this statement, you can share how your lived experiences and academic and professional activities will impact your contributions to VCU’s mission of promoting equity and inclusion.

Note: Examples include working with others to further the goals of equity and inclusion; leading in any capacity that tangibly promotes an environment where diversity is welcomed, fostered, and celebrated; creative activity, research, and scholarship that promotes equity and parity; teaching and mentoring students, and/or engaging with faculty and/or staff from traditionally underrepresented groups to create a positive and successful organizational experience.

In addition, please submit application materials via VCU eJobs at Application materials should include a letter of interest in the position (“Cover Letter/Letter of Application” section), a current CV (“Curriculum Vitae (CV)” section), a list of three current references including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses (“Other Document” section). Posted Salary $60,475 - $62,475 Quick Link Diversity Statement Information For more information on diversity statements, including guidelines, please click here . Supplemental Questions

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  1. * The School of Education values the following as our culture statement, 'The School of Education (SOE) recognizes that trust among all members of the SOE community is the foundation of a positive work climate. Realizes that our wellbeing as an institution depends upon the wellbeing of our members. Respects all members, new and continuing, regardless of status. Values honest communication and finding ways to respectfully address difficult issues. Strives to listen without bias and search for common understanding. Is committed to equity, fairness and a level playing field for all of its members. Knows that the SOE community thrives, because of diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise. Fosters collaboration, collegiality and mutual support among all members of its community.' Please describe ways in which you have worked to foster this type of culture in the professional workplace or in your everyday life.

    (Open Ended Question)

  2. * Please share your philosophy regarding the employment of people with disabilities.

    (Open Ended Question)

  3. * Please share your experience with providing supported and/or customized employment to individuals with disabilities. What was your role and can you share details related to this experience?

    (Open Ended Question)

  4. * Please describe your experience working with and managing employment programs for individuals with significant disabilities including Project SEARCH.

    (Open Ended Question)

  5. * Please provide details on your experience providing face-to-face training and/or technical assistance to live audiences. What were the topics presented, how many participants were in your audience, etc?

    (Open Ended Question)

Applicant Documents
Required Documents
  1. Cover Letter/Letter of Application
  2. Other Document
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  4. Diversity Statement (Required for all Faculty)
Optional Documents

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