Adjunct Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Florida, United States
Salary Not Specified
Jul 13, 2021
Employment Level
Employment Type
Part Time
Job Description

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department within the College of Engineering on the Daytona Beach Campus is seeking Adjunct faculty to teach the following courses:

EE 307 Avionics I 3 Credits (3,0)
Provides the first part of a comprehensive and rigorous study of avionics systems. The course covers avionics systems from the basic physics of avionics to the latest technology.
Prerequisites: EE 223.

EE 327 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals 3 Credits (3,0)
Circuit theory and variables. Analysis of electrical circuits using Ohm's and Kirchloff's laws. Nodal and mesh analysis. Principles of superposition and source transformation. Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits. Wheatstone bridge. Voltage-current relationship for passive elements. First order transient analysis. Phasors and steady-state AC analysis. Filter concepts.
Prerequisites: COM 221 and PS 250 and PS 253 Corequisites: EE 328 and MA 345.

SYS 301 Introduction to Systems Engineering 3 Credits (3,0)
Provides an overview of systems engineering in the development of large systems, including genesis and need, characteristics of systems and system engineers, the system life cycle (from birth to death), design for operational feasibility, project management, structure, and system control, statistical/probabilistic models in dealing with risk inherent in large, complex systems. Emphasis on the importance of system requirements regarding total system performance, interfaces, cost, schedule, optimization, and trades.
Prerequisites: MA 242.

SYS 304 Trade Studies, Risk and Decision Analysis 3 Credits (3,0)
Methodologies for conducting comprehensive, traceable, and justifiable trades, as well as risk and decision-making analyses in Systems Engineering. Decision analysis methods for determining and selecting the appropriate alternative(s) based on various criteria are explored. Topics include Pugh matrices, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), probabilistic decision making, and game theory. The student should develop a comprehensive understanding of trade studies and be able to apply risk and decision techniques in selecting appropriate choices.
Prerequisites: AE/ME students need C or better in MA 242.

  • Master's degree or higher in related fields required.

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