Career Development Specialist - (STA007687)

Develops and administers career programming and resources for the students and alumni of a college. Develops internship programs and placement opportunities with major employers.,,,

  1. Develops and implements programming to educate students about career development and job search activities.
  2. Conducts development training programs to small and large groups of students and alumni.
  3. Contacts potential employers to promote placement activities for the college.
  4. Serves as liaison between employers, faculty, administrators and alumni to advance career opportunities.
  5. Advises and counsels students regarding career selection, job searches and internships.
  6. Oversees the development of new resources.
  7. Performs other job-related duties as assigned.

Additional Duties:

  • Manages and evaluates University Cooperative Education Program, keeping detailed reports;
  • Develops and maintains policies and procedures for the Cooperative Education Program;
  • Coordinates with faculty, academic advisors, students and employers for integration of Cooperative Education Program;


Qualifications :

Masters and 1 year experience

Requires application of advanced principles, techniques and theory in a professional discipline or a thorough general business management knowledge. Knowledge of this level is typically obtained through a directly job-related Master's degree or equivalent formal training in a recognized field of specialization that is directly related to the type of work being performed. Requires a minimum of one (1) year of directly job-related experience

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