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Adjunct Faculty - Computer Science - Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming

Aurora University seeks talented adjunct faculty who are passionate about teaching and learning. Adjunct faculty are qualified part-time instructors offered teaching opportunities based on course demand and staffing.

Aurora University is searching for qualified instructors as part of its adjunct faculty pool to teach in Computer Science and related programs. We are seeking adjunct faculty to teach courses in computer science across the curriculum, specifically the following courses:
  • Data Structures and Algorithms/Object-oriented Programming - This course focuses on advanced data structures: stacks, queues, priority queues, lists, binary trees, and hash maps. Advanced coding practices, algorithm design, recursive functions, and sorting and searching techniques are studied and utilized in various programming projects. Extensive programming is required.
While a terminal degree is preferred, a master's degree in a related field is required. Industry experience and college-level teaching experience preferred.

Daytime and/or evening availability to teach IN PERSON is preferred. When applying include the phrase “CS – Data Structures Adjunct Application” in the subject line of the application.

Please include your programming experience in your application materials.

Please email resume or curriculum vitae, plus cover letter stating the specific areas you are interested in teaching to:

Aurora University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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