Postdoctoral Fellow in Electrophysiology

Dr. Man-Kyo Chung’s lab at the Department of Neural and Pain Sciences, the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, is looking for a postdoctoral fellow for carrying out a NIH-funded study on neurobiological mechanisms of pain. Chung lab investigates neural and molecular mechanisms of craniofacial inflammatory and neuropathic pain using multidisciplinary approaches in mouse models. The applicant will be trained in a collaborative environment of a strong research group at the University of Maryland Baltimore.

The postdoc candidate will be offered competitive salary and fringe benefits as per University of Maryland policy and NIH guidelines. To apply, please submit a statement of research experience and interests with a CV including contact information for three reference.

Qualifications :

Candidates must possess a PhD. The candidate is expected to be highly motivated and to have a record of publications in the area of electrophysiology and neuroscience. Expertise in electrophysiological recording (in vivo extracellular recordings, patch clamp recordings in brain slice or dissociated neurons) is required. The candidate needs to have a strong ability in verbal and written scientific communication. Skills and experiences in fluorescence imaging, neural circuit manipulations, mouse surgery or behavioral assays, working with genetically modified mice, molecular biology, cell culture, immunohistochemical assays are considered with high priority.

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