Director of the BSN Pre-Licensure Program

Kentucky, United States
Competitive Salary
Jun 08, 2021
Employment Level
Employment Type
Full Time

Description: The Director of the BSN Pre-Licensure Program (aka: the Program) is the academic and administrative officer responsible to the Chair of the School of Nursing for the Program and is responsible for providing leadership and supervision for all programs and services of the Program and assuring full compliance with the Mission, Strategic Plan, Policies and Procedures of the University, the Vision and Outcomes of the School and all regulatory and approving bodies

Appointment and Evaluation: The Director of the Program is appointed by the Chair of the School of Nursing. The term of office and review of service shall be incompliance with the policies of Spalding University and is evaluated annually by the Faculty of the Program and the Chair of the School of Nursing. Appointment effective: 7/1/2021.

Qualifications: The Director shall:

a. Holds a Master of Science in Nursing or can have completed a portion of doctoral degree equivalent to MSN but must be enrolled with timeline for degree completion

b. Has a minimum of five years’ experience in administration in higher education in nursing;

c. Five years of experience in nursing within the immediate past 7 years;

d. Hold an active/unencumbered license as a registered nurse and be eligible for licensure in Kentucky;

e. Two years full time teaching experience at/above the level of the Program of Nursing;

f. Current knowledge of nursing practice at level of the Program of Nursing;

g. Demonstrated experience/preparation in education including teaching adults, adult learning theory teaching methods, curriculum development & evaluation;

h. Program Administrator (PA) without previous PA experience shall have mentor assigned & developed educational plan. Mentor shall have documented experience in program administration;

i. Maintains membership in local, state and national nursing and other professional organizations that will enhance the Mission of the University, the Vision and Outcomes of the School of Nursing,


Duties and Responsibilities: The Director of the BSN Pre-Licensure Program has the following specific duties and responsibilities:

a. Serve as the administrative and academic officer of the Program;

b. Collaborates with the Chair for the evaluation and recommendation for the initial appointment, re-appointment, dismissal, tenure, sabbatical leaves, and teaching

assignments, and attendance at off-campus workshops and continuing education of the faculty and staff of the Program;

a. Responsible for all cooperative programs and articulation agreements within the University and with outside agencies and institutions;

b. Serves as Chair of the BSN Pre-Licensure Program Committee;

c. Serves an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees of the Program;

d. Teaches undergraduate credit hours per semester per University requirements;

e. Accountable to the Chair of the School of Nursing for the strategic planning for the Program;

f. Collaborates with the University’s Admissions Office and cooperate with them in the recruitment and marketing of the Program;

g. Collaborates with Student Life and Development in the orientation of all new students in the Pre-nursing major and to serve as academic advisor to selected transfer students;

h. Responsible for student disciplinary matters, i.e., the Director must be notified by faculty of student concerns and concur with proposed disciplinary actions;

i. Responsible for submitting to the Chair of the School of Nursing budgetary needs of the Program;

j. Submits a master schedule of course offerings to the Chair at appropriate times during the year;

k. Reviews all agency contracts annually;

n. Coordinates orientation programs for new faculty;

o. Facilitates communication with students and faculty regarding relevant issues, policies, and procedures;

p. Collaborates with the Chair and the faculty in maintaining the quality of the curriculum;

q. Receives, reviews and coordinates all written reports (School monthly reports, Minutes of Meetings, Annual Reports, marketing and public relations initiatives, catalog material, etc.) and submit copies and proposals as required to the Chair of the School of Nursing and respective units of the University;

r. Assures the academic quality, integrity and fiscal viability of the Program

through a process of continuous and periodic systematic review and evaluation

for presentation and with recommendations to the Chair of the School of

Nursing, the Undergraduate Dean and to the Provost of the University;

s. Assures that all programs and services meet the requirements and standards of

internal and external approval bodies and accrediting agencies;

t. Reviews, maintains, develops and evaluates the approval of instructional resources,

including contractual agreements with clinical affiliating agencies, equipment,

including library holdings, necessary for the maintenance and development of

the BSN Program;

u. Reviewing and approving grant proposals that will benefit new and existing


v. Represents the Program on designated University Councils/Committees, the

School’s Advisory Board, and to maintain other external relations that serve the

interest of the School of Nursing and the University;

w. Prepares reports as requested by the Chair;

x. Assumes other duties as designated by the Chair


Application Process:

a. Submit Letter of Intent, Curriculum Vitae and Three Professional References to the Search Committee Chair: Drs. Tomarra Adams; Dr. Kurt Jefferson


SU-SON: PD-Director, BSN Pre-licensure Program; 5/18/2021