Instructor, Business

Southeast Community College
Nebraska, United States
$51,500.00 - $51,500.00
Jun 07, 2021
Employment Level
Non-Tenured Track
Employment Type
Full Time

Under the general supervision of the Associate Dean, the Instructor of Business is responsible for instructing students in various academic courses in a classroom, hybrid, or online setting. Teaching assignments for this position include, but are not limited to Microsoft Applications I, Microsoft Applications II & Data Analytics, and any other courses the instructor qualifies for. The instructor develops course objectives, implements teaching strategies, advises students, monitors, and evaluates student progress and keeps accurate student records. The instructor may have additional duties and responsibilities of supervising and coordinating the activities of the program and its faculty if assigned to be Program Director. The primary role of the Program Director is to ensure that through personal and faculty efforts, students are able to achieve the objectives of the program. The Program Director reports to the Associate Dean and Dean of the Business Division.

1. Provide Instruction in Assigned Subject Areas: Provide instruction to students according to the objectives of each course assigned. These courses include, but are not limited to Microsoft Applications I, Microsoft Applications II & Data Analytics and any other courses the instructor qualifies for. This instructor will utilize a variety of instructional strategies in the classroom that include, but are not limited to, lecture, small groups, labs for working problems, and computer utilization for simulations, spreadsheets, and report generation.
2. Provide for Student Evaluation and Record-keeping: Prepare and administer evaluation instruments and maintain accurate student records on attendance, achievement, and progress.
3. Remain Current in Events and Developments Related to Subject Areas: Increase and improve personal teaching and subject knowledge through supplemental sources such as in-service activities, conferences, workshops, technical updates, and personal self-study.
4. Participate in Division and College Meetings and Committees: Attend scheduled Business/Division/College staff meetings and serve on committees and teams.
5. Serve as an Academic adviser for Students: Serve as an academic adviser to approximately 40 – 80 students. Tasks included in this area are: assist students in selecting and registering for courses, review each student’s file at least once per quarter to update the required information on grades and courses needed for graduation, Division/College polices and procedures; and generally serve as the first line of communication between students and the college staff.
6. Develop/Revise Course Curriculum and Educational Material: Develop and/or revise course objectives, content, descriptions, and instructional strategies on approved college curriculum forms. In addition, the instructor will develop revise, and maintain evaluation instruments, classroom policies, grading structures and strategies. This instructor will also review, evaluate, and recommend textbooks for course use.
7. Instruct Students on Use/Application of Appropriate Computer Software: Using textbook materials, tutorials, and demonstrations, instruct students and monitor their progress on applications of computer software such as spreadsheets, word processing, accounting software’s and other appropriate business software. Currently, the software being used in courses in Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.
8. Functions as a Member of the Business Program Team: Interact with colleagues, students, staff, and supervisors in a manner which will project a positive image of the program and the college and which promotes/facilitates institutional services such as recruitment, placement, and orientation as assigned.
9. Individualized Development Plan (New Instructors): Each new instructor will develop an individualized development plan in cooperation with the Vice President of Instruction. Professional Development Faculty should work with their immediate supervisor to develop an annual plan of professional development and improvement.
10. Promote/Support Diversity: Promote and support the College’s diversity goals; promote/support Access, Fair Employment, EEO, Equity, and Diversity programs.
11. Promote/Support the Organizational Environment through Goal 9 of the Strategic Plan: Promote and support the College’s organizational environment goals. Maximize operational efficiency by enhancing policies and procedures, staffing, and communication processes and practices. Enhance positive communication processes and practices, and maximize a positive and engaging organizational environment by encouraging input, reflective and transparent communication, and compassion and respect toward the views and ideas of others.


1. Master’s Degree in Business, Information Technology, or Computer Science. Master’s in Business may include a related field including accounting, marketing, management, human resources, economics, or finance.
2. Two (2) years work experience in a business setting or secondary or post-secondary teaching experience in business education.
3. Must complete the Microsoft Office Specialist exams within one year of hire. These include Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.