Note Taker - Part-Time



Note Takers attend classes with students who have disabilities, (i.e. visual or hearing impairments, learning or other disabilities) to take thorough legible, and organized notes from classroom lectures, including exam dates, assignments, and other pertinent information.


1. Take notes in class for students with disabilities.

2. Read printed material aloud for students with visual impairments.

3. Transcribe for students with mobility impairments.

4. Assist students with visual impairments in math classes by copying information from the board in large print.

5. Assist students who are visually impaired by using raised line drawing materials to produce tactile graphs used in Math classes.

6. Assist students with visual impairments in science labs by providing verbal descriptions of visual information.

7. Serve as a proctor for students with disabilities during tests.

8. Perform other duties as assigned.

9. Adheres to CCC Customer Service Excellence standards.


1. High school diploma, or equivalent, with a minimum of one year post-secondary educational experience.

2. Must possess an understanding of the basic issues pertinent to communication with students who have disabilities.

3. Ability to take thorough and organized notes utilizing available technology from information presented verbally in classrooms.

4. Must have legible hand writing, accurate spelling, use of acceptable grammar, and proficiency in use of computers.

5. Must possess good organizational skills.

6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Thank you for your interest in CCC!


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