Dining Room Server/Kitchen Helper

Posting Date 11/10/2020 Closing Date 04/01/2021 Open Until Filled No Special Instructions to Applicants

All applicants must be enrolled in the culinary arts program in good standing. Must be recommended by a culinary arts instructor before applying.

Must carry a minimum of 6 credit hours at JJC, a 2.0 GPA at JJC, and in good standing.

Advertising Summary Job Description

POSITION TITLE : Dining Room Server/Kitchen Helper
DEPARTMENT : Culinary Arts
REPORTS TO: Chef Instructor

1. Be available to help in Chef’s Table Kiosk and/or kitchen preparing food.
2. Be available to help in department office and with lab assistants as needed.
3. Work with vocational training program special needs students ( VSFS ).
4. Clean kitchen labs daily.
5. Perform related duties as assigned.

1. Must be in the culinary arts program in good standing.
2. Must be recommended and approved by culinary arts instructor prior to applying.
3. Be knowledgeable of kitchen surroundings.
4. Must have good knife skills.
5. Must have a sanitation license.
6. Courteous, dependable, able to follow both oral and written instructions, and ability to work well with diverse population.
7. Exception: VSFS workers must be enrolled in education program, special needs education program and/or culinary arts program and must be approved by the VSFS Coordinator prior to applying.

1.Must be in the culinary arts program in good standing.
2.Must carry a minimum of 6 credit hours at JJC .
3.Willing to take instruction.
4.People friendly.

•Normal culinary lab physical demands.
•Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.
•Must be able to operate standard culinary lab equipment.
•Be able to stand for extended period of times. 4 hour minimum.
•Must maintain a high degree of personal hygiene, appearance, and cleanliness.

•Duties are performed indoors in the usual culinary lab/commercial kitchen environment.

Application Procedures: “Apply to this Job at employment.jjc.edu”

Joliet Junior College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action college supporting diversity.

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