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Xavier is looking for someone who is passionately nerdy about data and has the creative enthusiasm for brand building at a top-level, Jesuit university. We are seeking a candidate who is analytically curious, willing to dig deep into data, discover the secrets hidden within, and use their findings to help Xavier make better brand-based decisions.

We are seeking a candidate who will be focused on analyzing digital marketing efforts, projecting growth opportunities, studying the marketplace, working with other data specialists on campus, and finding ways to further enhance the Xavier brand.

The position will assist multiple groups across the university:

  1. The Digital Marketing Director with interpreting and analyzing results.
  2. The Marketing Directors and Managers as they review results of their current campaigns and strategize for future opportunities.
  3. The Marketing Leadership Team as they monitor the marketplace and identify opportunities to further build the Xavier brand.
  4. Various groups across campus such as Enrollment Management, Institutional Research, Faculty, and Graduate Recruitment as they keep an eye on their marketing performance and uncover new opportunities.

The Ideal Candidate. . .

  • First and foremost, just like most of our Xavier graduates, we’re looking for someone with strong critical thinking skills. We’re looking for someone who can share with us a business problem that they were faced with, how they understood the end state, and how they were able to build research and strategy to meet that goal.
  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant field, such as customer analytics, marketing, information systems, statistics, business or similarly related academic background.
  • 2 or more years of professional experience in market analysis as it relates to brand management, marketing efforts, or strategic priorities.
  • Understanding of tools for conducting research.
  • Understanding of statistics including tests and distributions.
  • Ability to communicate findings both verbally and graphically.
  • Experience working effectively across departments with individuals at multiple levels to collaborate on goals and achieve organizational targets.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in using analytics and models, including experience with developing and executing high impact strategies and programs to improve branding and market position.


Digital Analytics and Reporting

John Wanamaker coined the phrase that, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” While that is far from the truth at Xavier, the Coordinator of Market Research and Digital Analytics will take the lead role in understanding our campaigns, assessing their effectiveness, and making suggestions for the future. They will use the analytics platforms of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and others. The data will need to be compiled in an easily digestible format for various groups across campus. This will inform future strategies and budgets. The digital analytics and reporting responsibilities will include:

  • Assess the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and digital strategies.
  • Deliver reporting with key insights to marketing partners and senior management.
  • Support teams to forecast the possible results of marketing efforts.
  • In conjunction with the Web team, monitor website performance and consult on optimization opportunities.

Brand, Market and Customer Research

The ultimate responsibility of this position will be to have a fantastic handle on Xavier’s brand position and the marketplace in which we do business. This means understanding and conducting research about the Xavier experience and its corresponding reputation. This person must understand Xavier’s core strengths, analyze them over time, and make suggestions for future enhancements. To understand the market place in which Xavier does business, this person will be involved in the following:

  • Assess future trends in the marketplace.
  • Develop and deploy brand, market-based, and customer surveys.
  • Conduct focus groups to better understand our target audience.
  • Assist faculty in understanding new program development and market demand.

Analytics Campus Collaborator

Xavier has made strives to more actively utilize data as it relates to campus decision making. In particular, data can influence some of our most important work around student recruitment, persistence, alumni engagement, and of course, the Xavier brand. This position will be the marketing and branding point of contact for a variety of other offices on campus as it relates to data, reporting, campaign performance, and analysis of Xavier’s brand and reputation. This position will build strategic relationships with:

  • Director of Enrollment Systems
  • Manager of Enrollment Analytics
  • Director of Institutional Research
  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Marketing Partners

Rankings/University Data

College ranking assessments created by the likes ofU.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, Forbes, and many more are external benchmarks for the Xavier experience, an independent lens into our brand. There are also a number of key data points that are widely used among our campus partners to best represent the Xavier brand. The position will be responsible for keeping track of the most up to date rankings, data points, and metrics to enable various marketing projects.

  • Work with Marketing Project Managers and Web team to ensure the most up to date data is represented in various projects and across the website

Quarterly marketing effectiveness reports

Being able to provide regular reporting and guidance to Xavier’s marketing team and senior leaders is important. This position will be responsible for Marketing & Branding Key Performance Indicators and reporting back of those indicators. The position will create quarterly reports on the progress and a comprehensive annual report focused on outcomes, effectiveness, and opportunities that all effect the Xavier brand.

Opportunities for growth

Xavier offers an excellent Master’s in Customer Analytics degree as well as multiple types of MBA’s. With tuition-remission, the person in this position may wish to take advantage of Xavier’s generous opportunities for academic enhancement.


This role will likely pay between $55,000 - $60,000.

Diversity and Inclusion is a core value at Xavier University and the Office of Marketing and Communications. We know that universities can be powerful institutions for social change. Organizations that emphasize the value of diversity in their work, to their students, and with their communities are better positioned to succeed. As a Jesuit institution, the values of solidarity and kinship call us to work together for the greater good and allow our team members to use their talents and skills to help and serve. Join us in our mission.

To ensure consideration, interested and qualified candidates must submit a resume, cover letter to better understand your interest and experience, and contact information of three professional references on Xavier University's website no later than May 5, 2021 .


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