KCOM - Clinical Education Years 1 & 2 Coordinator

A.T. Still University
Missouri, United States
Salary Not Specified
Apr 16, 2021
Employment Type
Full Time

A.T. Still University's Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM) is seeking a Clinical Education Years 1 & 2 Coordinator. This position reports to the ATSU-KCOM Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Director/Associate Director. The incumbent is responsible for facilitating 1st and 2nd year KCOM curriculum elements related to community and clinical training activities, including community experience and summer preceptorship rotations (CE-I & CE-II), and coordinating Interprofessional Health Partners (IPHP) and Spanish for the Health Professions elective courses for KCOM/MOSDOH students. This individual will recruit sites/agencies/site supervisors for CE-I and preceptors for CE-II, provide administrative support and communicate regularly to various AHEC regions across Missouri, and recruit community participants and standardized patients (SPs) and communicate regularly with students and faculty of ATSU and Truman State University (TSU) for elective courses. Other general responsibilities include maintenance of accurate completion records for these activities and data collection for program evaluations.

Essential Functions

Schedule and track (annually) required community shadowing (Clinical Experience I – CE-I) and summer clinical rotations (Clinical Experiences II – CE-II) for all KCOM 1st and 2nd year students. The individual will work closely with facility and community representatives and regional AHEC clinical coordinators in Missouri to ensure students are placed for their CE-I and CE-II clinical experiences and accurate completion and evaluation records are collected and maintained. The individual will communicate with preceptors, healthcare facility administrators, and regional AHEC staff to inform/confirm student activities. This individual will engage with community participants, Standardized Patients (SPs), KCOM/MOSDOH/TSU students and ATSU/TSU faculty to ensure completion of elective courses and collection and maintenance of completion records and evaluations.

This individual works with occasional supervision from the AHEC Program Director/ Associate Director and frequently collaborates with AHEC Clinical Coordinators in 7 Missouri regions, as well as with other KCOM and MOSDOH departments and agencies outside of ATSU agencies.

Major Job Duties

Summer Clinical Experience/Preceptorship Coordination (CE-II)

  • Schedule and ensure placement of 172-190 KCOM second-year medical students annually with approximately 100 physician preceptors in clinical training sites in Missouri and surrounding states for two-week CE-II experiences
  • Communicate with approximately 100 potential preceptors and, working with regional AHEC Clinical Coordinators, confirm approximately 60 new preceptors annually
  • Coordinate rotations for students in the military, assigned to non-Missouri sites, and students repeating the program; directly contact and recruit preceptors and clinical training sites in locations where regional AHEC Clinical Coordinators are unable to place students
  • Review licensure records for approximately 100 preceptors annually to establish that there are no potentially disqualifying entries; refer potential negative findings to course director and/or AHEC Program Director/Associate Director for evaluation
  • Annually review and update student information policies, procedures and forms
  • Acquire regional preference for placement from each student and site availability information from each regional AHEC for use in assigning students to clinical sites/communities
  • Coordinate virtual meetings for students to meet/interact with regional AHEC clinical coordinators from assigned sites
  • Prepare and distribute packets with required curriculum, record-keeping and evaluation materials to students (@170-190) and preceptors (@100) annually
  • Respond as first line of contact to routine student and preceptor questions or concerns related to program requirements and arrangements, and, as appropriate, refer non-routine, questions or concerns to AHEC Program Director/Associate Director to assure adequate and accurate responses to inquiries
  • Assist students with understanding and meeting requirements related to participation at specific preceptor sites, including drug screening, background checks, etc.
  • Assist with record keeping related to the program, and collect and submit student grades to KCOM
  • Collect student and preceptor evaluations and work with AHEC Program Director/Associate Director to develop reports for course director, Assessment Committee, and other purposes
  • Collect required records and work with ATSU Continuing Education to ensure CME credit is awarded to preceptors upon request
  • Assist with recruiting and retaining preceptors, including attending selected CME conferences and making periodic visits to preceptor sites
  • Assist with program specific presentations and reports
  • Coach and train new regional AHEC staff, as needed, related to program requirements and implementation

Medical Student Community Experiences (CE-I) Coordination

  • Schedule and ensure placement of 172-190 KCOM first-year medical students in shadowing rotations in 3 sites for each student selected from a pool of 40 community sites/agencies each academic year
  • Identify approximately 15-20 new supervisors with 10 new suitable sites/agencies for assignments annually; update database of agency information and site/supervisor codes
  • Survey identified sites/agencies at least twice annually to determine availability of dates and times for assignment of students
  • Organize students into groups and prepare assignments from agency availability responses
  • Distribute reminder notices to students and agencies of upcoming experiences and evaluation process
  • Respond, as first line of contact, to students and agencies with routine questions or concerns; assist with troubleshooting of schedules, agency assignments, etc.; refer non-routine questions or concerns to course director or AHEC Program Director/Associate Director, as appropriate, to assure adequate and accurate responses to inquiries
  • Receive, record and summarize student and agency evaluations
  • Prepare quarterly reports on student and community site participation and program outcomes for course director and AHEC Program Director/Associate Director
  • Create and maintain Community Experiences website

Interprofessional Health Partners (IPHP) Elective Coordination

  • Recruit approximately 70 participants annually from the community to serve as simulated patients for IPHP teams, including making contacts with outside agencies and other participant referral sources
  • Assist with annual recruitment of ATSU-KCOM/MOSDOH and TSU students to participate in the IPHP elective during the Spring semester
  • Assign approximately 140 ATSU – KCOM/MOSDOH and TSU students annually to 20-30 IPHP teams
  • Communicate with and assist approximately 20-30 ATSU-KCOM/MOSDOH and TSU faculty annually in developing materials for and implementing the elective
  • Schedule and organize IPHP Review Sessions (3), workshops (3) and orientation each year; Coordinate student and faculty orientation and review session presentations
  • Prepare and distribute mass mailings to all students/community participants 4 times per year
  • Engage in routine communication with ATSU-KCOM/MOSDOH students, faculty and staff and with TSU students and faculty regarding meetings, assignments, schedule conflicts, paperwork, community participant-IPHP team issues, etc.
  • Respond to routine student, faculty, and community participant questions or concerns related to the program and, refer non-routine questions or concerns to AHEC Program Director/Co-Director to assure adequate and accurate responses to inquiries
  • Assist with record keeping related to the program, and collect and submit student grades to KCOM/MOSDOH offices and TSU faculty
  • Receive, record, and summarize data from orientation, review sessions, and evaluation
  • Assist with preparation of quarterly data and progress reports on program
  • Create and maintain IPHP website and assignment folders

Spanish for the Health Professions Elective Coordination

  • Distribute information to KCOM and MOSDOH students regarding Spanish for the Health Professions elective course
  • Coordinate arrangements for and attend introduction and class meetings – prepare required paperwork for each meeting
  • Recruit approximately 24 KCOM/MOSDOH students annually for the two-semester course
  • Distribute and collect registration information required to enroll students – update participant roster and distribute to course faculty and appropriate ATSU-KCOM/MOSDOH offices
  • Respond to routine student, faculty, and SP questions or concerns related to the program and, refer non-routine questions or concerns to AHEC Program Director/Co-Director and/or course faculty to assure adequate and accurate responses to inquiries
  • Coordinate with course faculty regarding course and materials and assist faculty in obtaining needed information and materials
  • Recruit approximately 12 SPs annually and work with appropriate ATSU faculty and staff to complete Human Resources paperwork, as needed
  • Assist with record keeping related to the program, and collect and submit student grades to KCOM/MOSDOH

OSHA/HIPAA/Fire Safety Training Coordination

  • Work with MedComRN staff to annually update student class information, include new classes and ensure that online modules are accurate and up-to-date
  • Prepare drafts and assist with OSHA/HIPAA presentation at CE-I orientation
  • Communicate training requirements to 1st year medical students
  • Conduct training session for 1st year biomedical students and KCOM fellows
  • Track OSHA/HIPAA/Fire Safety training completion for the above students and fellows and maintain records
  • Communicate training completion to KCOM Academic & Clinical Education Affairs office

Other AHEC Program Support

  • In collaboration with other AHEC Clinical Education Coordinators and Administrative Coordinator, perform other duties as assigned


  • 4 year college degree in administration, management, health education, public health, or related field
  • Areas in which the applicant must have knowledge:
    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheet creation and use
    • Presentation software use
    • Student and patient records confidentiality
    • General program management
  • Ability to communicate with a variety of audiences, including students at various levels, general public, physicians, and other healthcare providers and institutional administrators
  • Extensive computer skills, including proficiency with Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point) and Google Suite
  • Great people skills
  • Persistence to solution of problems/completion of tasks
  • Curiosity/skepticism to assure that errors are caught, necessary questions are asked, and potential problems are not overlooked

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