Groundskeeper Senior

South Carolina, United States
Salary Not specified
Apr 15, 2021
Employment Level
Employment Type
Full Time

Groundskeeper Senior

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Job Title:
Groundskeeper Senior

Job Family:
Service Workers

Full time

Compensation Grade:

Pay Type:

Campus Grounds

Job Summary:

To maintain the grass, shrubbery, flowers, trees, and general appearance of the campus property.

Job Description:


1. Spraying chemicals to kill weeds and treat diseases and to fertilize using backpack sprayer or tractor sprayer.
2. Performs routine safety inspections on all spraying equipment.
3. Maintains chemical storage and mixing areas in compliance with county, state and federal regulations and is responsible for the safety and direction of chemical handlers and or helpers.
4. Know how to operate sprayers and spreaders.
5. Be able to read and interpret labels.
6. Keep MSDS books current.
7. Manage inventory and usage of applications, pesticides, and fertilizers.
8. Develops/works with Superintendent for pesticide programs.

9. Maintains the grass on campus property by:
  •  mowing, using tractor mowers, push mowers,
  •  operating weedeaters, edgers, clippers.
  •  aerating, sodding, and seeding by using tractors, spreaders, tillers, etc.
  •  watering grass using irrigation system, water truck, sprinklers and hoses.
  •  picking up litter, limbs, dead animals, etc using shovel, stick, broom, hands.
  •  vacuuming or raking leaves using vacuum unit, rake or backpack leaf blower.
  •  clearing lots (as needed) using bush hog.

10. Maintains shrubbery, plants, trees and flower beds by:
  •  pruning flowers (roses), shrubs and trees using hand or gasoline powered shears, chainsaws and ladders or bucket truck as necessary.
  •  planting flowers, shrubs and trees by using shovels, spades, backhoe, etc.
  •  mulching and weeding shrubbery and flower beds.
  •  spraying chemicals to kill weeds, diseases, or to fertilize plants using backpack or hand sprayer.
  •  removing shrubs, flowers, tree stumps using backhoe, shovel and stump grinder.
  •  trims limbs on campus trees using chainsaws, pole clippers and
  •  bucket truck.

11. Maintains cleanliness of walkways, parking lots and lake by:
  •  blowing leaves and grass from the sidewalk/parking lot/road using backpack blower, push blowers, vacuum truck, tractor with blower attachment.
  •  cleaning out storm drains by using shovels to remove leaves, sand and dirt.
  •  maintaining the lake by skimming the water to remove debris, dead animals, etc. and by using the motor boat to trap and assist injured ducks and swans.
  •  shoveling snow/ice from walkways as necessary.

12. Maintains grounds equipment by:
  •  washing mowers, tractors, etc.
  •  sharpening blades.
  •  checking oil, fuel and filters for cleanliness or replacement.

13. Maintains and repairs grounds irrigation systems by:
  •  repairing broken sprinkler heads, valves, pipes, etc.
  •  clearing blockages from valves and pipes.
  •  inspecting and servicing automatic sprinkler control devices, electric and hydraulic systems and pumping systems.

14. Identifies the presence of disease in grass, plants, etc. and notifying Supervisor of the need for treatment.

15. Directs, when assigned, the work of other groundskeepers assigned to similar tasks.
16. Acts as Foreman in assigning tasks, problem solving and decision making in the absence of the Foreman.

17. Trains other groundskeepers.

18. Completes additional duties assigned by supervisor.

19. Follows safety procedures.

20. Completes performance review process with supervisor/employees to understand job performance expectations and how they fit into the department and university goals.

21. Communicates openly and recognizes contributions of co-workers and supervisor.

22. Pursues professional development to keep pace with demands for services and information; including maintaining up to date information about the department and university.


Continuous contact with members of their own work unit and immediate supervisor to exchange of factual information and explanation of rules, regulations, practices or functions. Discussion of non-controversial matters.

Frequent contact with students and general public to exchange of factual information and explanation of rules, regulations, practices or functions. Discussion of non-controversial matters.

Responsibility for Final Decisions:

Tasks are well-defined and repetitive, following prescribed steps, methods and/or procedures. Work involves limited choice with regard to the selection of appropriate tools, methods or materials.

Errors are readily detected in the normal course of work by standard check or crosscheck.

Reports To: Superintendent.

Completed work is referred to supervisor for review.


Requires a complete knowledge of chemical application equipment.

Requires a knowledge in the safe mechanical operation calibration of the following types of equipment: mechanically pressurized spray equipment, hand-operated spray equipment, hand-operated rotary and drop spreaders, utility tractors.

High School graduate with 3 - 5 years' experience in related field or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Requires current state certification or licensing as a pesticide applicator.

Present a positive, professional image.

Must be self-motivated and customer service oriented.

Strong interpersonal as well as written and oral communication skills.

Reliable and predictable attendance.

Ability to develop and maintain awareness of occupational hazards and safety precautions; skilled in following safety practices and recognizing hazards.

Ability to read and understand instructions for the use of machinery, chemicals and seed/fertilizer.

Ability to calculate the amount of material needed/used for a task.

Valid S.C. Drivers License.

Ability to oversee others in completing a task.

Ability to work independently.

Work Conditions:

Work is performed primarily outside under variable weather conditions with daily exposure to noise, dust, heat, cold, dampness, dirt, chemicals and fumes.

Work requires:
  •  Frequent lifting grounds equipment into and out of pick up trucks. (ie: backpack
  •  blowers, sprayers, chainsaws, weedeaters, etc.) up to 50 lbs.)
  •  Frequent reaching, bending, stooping when pruning shrubs, flowers and hedges.
  •  Frequent pushing mowers, blowers, edgers.
  •  Frequent driving/operating mowers/tractors, etc. using handles, foot pedals and hand levers.
  •  Frequent operating weed eaters by holding them above the ground and moving them back and forth while walking.
  •  Frequent recognizing disease problems to report to supervisor.
  •  Frequent lifting bags (up to 50 lbs) of seed, fertilizer, etc.
  •  Frequent using hand tools such as spades, clippers, shovels.

Groundskeepers may be subject to call-back if there is an emergency, i.e.: tree down, irrigation line broken, injured duck or swan.

Education Requirements:

Certification Requirements:

Job Posting End Date (if date is blank, posting is open ended):

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