Director of Athletics

California, United States
Salary Commensurate with experience
Apr 12, 2021
Employment Level
Employment Type
Full Time


The Director of Athletics is the administrative head of all intercollegiate athletic activities of the University.  The Director of Athletics provides leadership in the ongoing recruitment and development of coaches and athletic teams through coordination, planning, evaluation and implementation of programs.  The Director works with other departments on campus to optimize opportunities to recruit students; raise financial support for athletics and support academic and spiritual priorities of the University.


  1. Master’s degree in sports management or related field
  2. Five years of experience (or commensurate experience) in administering athletic programs at the university level
  3. Five years coaching experience at inter-collegiate level
  4. Working knowledge of Title IX compliance
  5. Demonstrated excellence and effectiveness in recruiting
  6. Demonstrate effectiveness in the personal development of students and coaches
  7. Demonstrate effectiveness in leading and working as part of a team
  8. Experience with Microsoft Office software (e.g. Word, Excel Access, recruiting software, etc.)

General Expectations:

  1. Personal relationship with Jesus, a vibrant Christian faith, and a commitment to Christian community; capable of sharing faith and engaging in conversations about Christ.
  2. Demonstrate Simpson University Values in the performance of all duties
  3. Maintain lifestyle in accordance with Simpson University Lifestyle Policy in Staff Handbook
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of information, data and records. Properly use tact, diplomacy, discretion and judgment
  5. Demonstrate strong customer service skills in the performance of job duties
  6. Demonstrate good organizational and communication skills in the performance of job duties
  7. Supervises employees in accordance with Simpson University policies and procedures (for supervisory positions)
  8. Support the overflow needs of other departments within the respective university area
  9. Perform other duties in accordance with this position as deemed necessary by the immediate supervisor

Essential Functions:

  1. Recruit, oversee, and work with the coaches and other athletic department staff in administering the university’s intercollegiate athletic program within the framework of the athletic policy as set forth by the institution’s Athletic Department, under the guidance of athletic philosophy approved by the Simpson University Board of Trustees, and in following NCCAA, NAIA and Cal Pac guidelines
  2. Ensure that coaches have tools required to aggressively recruit students aimed at maximum student enrollments who “fit” Simpson University (this means that we will have most of our recruiting complete by June15 with all paperwork, housing assignment and deposits on file)
  3. Oversee the managing of athletic budgets, sports schedules, home game management (including contracting officials and security, purchasing equipment, publicity programs, preparation of game facilities, the hosting of visiting teams), the procurement of athletic equipment, supplies and training aids, and maintaining an Athletic Policy Handbook
  4. Ensure regular collaboration Academic Support Services as well as study tables and careful tracking of all athlete’s academic status
  5. Work with registrar & faculty athletic representative in handling all eligibility matters involving NCCAA and NAIA requirements
  6. Maintain optimal athletic enrollment, working closely with Enrollment and Student Financial Services in this endeavor, and in the retention of student athletes at Simpson University
  7. Oversee the development of a sound athletic marketing plan, coordinated through the institution’s marketing department, including the work of establishing and maintaining healthy public relations
  8. Work with the advancement office to maximize opportunities and coordinate efforts to raise funds to support the athletic programs
  9. Actively participates in the Student Development Divisional Leadership Team in the formation and the implementation of Student Development objectives, goals and policies
  10. Work with the University’s Title IX officer to ensure compliance with Title IX guidelines
  11. Work with coaches to ensure that team members represent Simpson University values and standards at all times as reflected in the Student Handbook
  12. Represent Simpson University at NAIA and NCCAA meetings and conventions or in their absence send a designee

 Related Responsibilities/Parameters:

  1. Is responsible for emphasis on safety precautions and institution of standardized training and injury procedures
  2. Is responsible for the accumulation of student-athlete information (insurance, physical health, medical history), and oversees the handling of insurance claims made by student athletes
  3. Work on developing the University’s Intramural program
  4. Serve as co-chair of Athletic/Academic Advisory Committee with Provost
  5. Serve as a member of the Athletic/Admissions/Athletic Scholarship Committee
  6. This post is a full-time (exempt) commitment. Any other employment must be approved by supervisor

To apply for this position, please visit our website at to complete our application form. 


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