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Graduate Writing Consultant & Program Manager

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College of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities

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The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities ( CASSH ) includes departments and programs in the humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies, as well departments in the School of Visual and Performing Arts ( VPA ). CASSH / VPA continues the established liberal studies tradition of providing curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degree.

CASSH / VPA is dedicated to providing quality innovative instruction and creative learning experiences which prepares students for future careers and education. More broadly, such learning allows students to continue to develop meaningful, responsible lives. Graduates of the college will have developed the ability to communicate effectively, to think critically, to conduct sound research, to understand complex issues, to use knowledge in all aspects of life, to participate meaningfully as global citizens, and to discover and apply carefully considered values.

CASSH / VPA faculty and staff are committed to maintaining academic integrity and high ethical standards. CASSH / VPA, through its faculty, students, and curricula, also is dedicated to advancing cultural diversity. Furthermore, by developing partnerships and encouraging professional connections, the college works diligently to establish its membership in the broader community.

The academic community within the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities and School of Visual and Performing Arts supports a strong general education program, nurtures exceptional disciplinary programs, and creates innovative interdisciplinary and international programs, which together promote lifelong personal and professional learning for every individual who comes through their programs.

Position Summary

The Department of Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education offers master’s and doctoral-level graduate programs, primarily for online and blended students. The programs’ activities are organized and managed by four different types of administrative roles who work together as part of a leadership team: Department chair. Two graduate program directors (GPDs), one for the master’s program and one for the doctoral program. This Graduate Writing Consultant/Program Manager.
An Academic Department Associate ( ADA ). Because the chair and GPD roles are held by faculty on 9-month contracts who also maintain teaching, advising, and scholarship duties, many daily activities of the programs are coordinated by this Writing Consultant/Graduate Program Manager and assisted by the ADA .

1. The department chair leads strategic planning and reporting for the department; serves as a liaison between the department, the college dean, and the broader campus; and manages all departmental personnel, budget, committee assignments, and course offerings. This is a 25% administrative appointment for a ranked faculty member serving in 3-year elected terms. The chair is expected to work roughly 8 hours/week during the academic year and 4 hours/week in the summer.

2. The graduate program directors (GPDs) are responsible for recruitment and admissions to their respective programs, including leading all marketing and selection processes. They work with the chair on course scheduling and clinical faculty hiring/development. They also develop curriculum and lead academic program reviews. This is a 25% administrative appointment for a ranked faculty member serving in 3-year appointed terms. The GPDs are expected to work roughly 8 hours/week during the academic year and 1-2 hours/week in the summer.

3. This writing consultant and graduate program manager supports both the master’s and doctoral programs by offering 1:1 and group training on graduate-level academic writing, in compliance with the American Psychological Association ( APA ) Style Guide and the UWL Thesis/Dissertation guidelines. The primary focus of this position (60%) is on leading instructional activities related to writing and research, which includes building and maintaining relationships with staff and faculty in Murphy Library, the Writing Center, Graduate & Extended Learning, and Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning. The person in this position works 1:1 with students throughout their dissertation (doctoral) and capstone (master’s) experience and is embedded as a grading TA in the writing-intensive courses (780, 790, 930, 931, 950). This person also edits all dissertations before submitting them to graduate studies. The secondary focus of this position (40%) is on managing the graduate programs, which can include assigning faculty advisors, developing & maintaining student handbooks and ongoing communications with students, developing & maintaining instructional guides and resources for faculty (e.g., sample syllabus template, Canvas policy modules, Library research guide, instructional videos on APA ). As a graduate program manager, this person leads policy development, provides student support services, and manages department events, including orientation and commencement programs. This is a 100% non-instructional academic staff appointment. The person works 40 hours/week, 12 months of the year.

4. The academic department associate is an administrative assistant position, who responds to all incoming phone, email, and mail; supports the department chair in budget management (tracks all expenses and income, creates purchase orders, manages dept. inventory). The ADA is responsible for basic administrative duties such as recording minutes for department meetings, reserving rooms for department events, preparing SEI and TAI reports for each term or personnel meeting, updating department website and social media pages, maintaining department records, preparing payroll forms. This is an 80% university staff appointment. The person works 32 hours/week, 12 months of the year.

Required Qualifications

Master’s degree in education, student development, student affairs administration, or comparable. Five or more years of professional experience in teaching, learning, advising, student services coordination. Familiarity with higher education and student affairs practice and scholarship. Experience working with adult and online learners. Exceptional writing skills.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience teaching graduate students in higher education/student affairs programs; experience creating policies/processes to support student learning and development; experience editing for APA style for students, journals, or higher education professional organizations. Advanced graduate training beyond the master’s degree (Ed.D., Ed.S., Ph.D.).

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Working conditions and environment

Because the department enrolls students who work at least half-time in higher education (and more than half the students work full-time), the person in this position needs to have a flexible work schedule that includes significant evening or weekend work.

Miscellaneous Information

Because the programs are all online / blended, the person in this position can work remotely.


These are the job duties required for the position.

Responsibility Statement

Writing consultant, editor, instructional designer, teaching/grading assistant

Duties to Support Responsibility

o Provide direct instructional support within writing intensive courses (such as SAA 780, 930, 931, and 950)
o Provide instruction, guidance, and support for students learning APA and UWL Graduate Studies formatting guidelines through 1:1 coaching / editing with doctoral and master’s program students
o Develop and facilitate online workshops and activities to support graduate students’ writing and professional development for coursework, theses/dissertations, research publications/presentations
o Plan and implement writing-support focused events and programs for SAA students and faculty, such as “WriteNow!” virtual writing workshops
o Serve as library liaison, partnering to offer workshops on reference management and database research
o Supervise the library’s book acquisition process and seek additional texts for writing support. Consult with faculty, library staff, and ADA on newer editions or new texts becoming available. Stay current with the academic discipline, publishers, authors, and standards for graduate preparation programs.
o Develop, revise, and identify print and online resources and template materials related to writing for graduate students to be used in Canvas sites, SAA webpages, and library resource site
o Support graduate students’ academic and professional success in key areas (e.g., research fellowship applications, writing instruction, grant proposals, and professional publications/presentations)
o Promote graduate writing programming, resources, and services through presentations, email, social media, and other electronic communications
o Provide instructional support by creating/updating/maintaining by creating resources such as a syllabus template, syllabus checklist, instructional guide, canvas site for instructors, UWL policy module instructors can copy to their own courses
o Serve on department assessment committee, evaluating written communication skills learning outcome for both masters and doctoral students
o Develop and enhance instructional activities, programs, and curricula
o Apply learning theory and instructional design models in the consultation, selection, and application of educational methodologies and technologies within the department

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Responsibility Statement

Gaduate program manager

Duties to Support Responsibility

o Facilitate biweekly administration meetings (with dept chair, graduate program directors, ADA, and any GA or student workers)
o Participate in biweekly faculty meetings as a non-voting member, although input is still expected related to student learning / experiences
o Coordinate advising activities such as assigning faculty advisors ( ADA can enter in Wings), creating ongoing messaging about upcoming registration for students, identifying opportunities to use EAB Navigate or other advising notes systems
o Oversee programming, services, and events to promote professional development and academic success, including leading the planning of orientation and commencement activities, as well as potentially organizing writing retreats and teaching symposium.
o Develop and maintain department policies, student/advising records, and instructional and student handbooks
o Support graduate program directors in updating/maintaining CAT / CIM (Catalog) print materials related to program curriculum
o Write various marketing pieces (e.g., news releases and blogs about dissertation research, student testimonials for marketing, etc.).
o Develop strong relationships with staff and faculty in Murphy Library, the Writing Center, Graduate Studies & Extended Learning, University Communications, CASSH Academic Services, Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning
o Manage the response, support, and advocacy for graduate students while continuously improving the student experience and overall graduate program
o Maintain compliance with graduate program(s), school/college, and university requirements and technology systems related to admissions, assessment, academic degree progress/requirements, and program review. Make policy and procedure recommendations.

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First review of applications on April 23.

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Tori Svoboda

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