Researcher 2 Natural Physical Science - (STA007170)

Provides expertise in support of research projects in engineering, biology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, etc. Prepares and edits research papers, proposal, and reports. Performs advanced testing procedures and analyses of data. May prepare samples for testing. Performs advanced testing procedure and performs analyses of data. Makes uses of a variety of specialized equipment typical within area of specialization. May contribute to grant proposal development. Ensures experiments are performed according to specifications. May make recommendations to changes in procedure, processes, or experimental design. Understands and applies broad theoretical concepts. Develops understanding of specialized scientific or engineering field. Develops leadership and management skills.Duties: Assignments are difficult and broad requiring originality and ingenuity. May be assisted by lower level personnel.Supervision: Receives minimal supervision conferring with higher levels only in usual situations.

This full-time Researcher 2 position will require working with animals, conducting experiments in a laboratory setting and laboratory management. The candidate will need to be able to administer compounds to rats and mice via numerous routes of administration, obtain blood samples, assist, and perform various animal surgeries using stringent aseptic technique and post-operative monitoring. Must be familiar with a variety of animal behavioral testing paradigms and procedures especially operant procedures. Knowledge of biochemical assays such as Western Blot and ELISA along with laboratory management skills is desirable. Candidate will also be required to use computer programs to compile data, generate figures and conduct statistical analysis to generate posters, talks and manuscripts for publication. They will also help implement new techniques and procedures depending upon grant goals. The candidate will also be responsible for general laboratory maintenance and restocking consumables through our online system.


Qualifications :

Bachelor's Degree with 3 years experience.

Preferred Experience: At least 4 years’ experience as a Research Assistant and 3 years of small animal surgical experience.
Experience working with both rats and mice.

Notes to Applicant: Position is grant funded.

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