Laboratory Technician I

Title: Laboratory Technician I

Anticipated Closing Date: April 18, 2021

Number of Positions: 1

Position #: 600540

Type of Appointment: Full-Time

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Department: Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Location of Position: Strawberry Plains

Required Documents Needed to Upload at Time of Application:

· Resume

· Unofficial Transcripts

· Three professional references (See below)

Reference check requirements:

· Non-supervisory roles: three (3) current or former supervisors

· Supervisory roles: two (2) current or former supervisors and one (1) current or former direct report

· Personal references (friends, co-workers, clergy, customers, relatives) are not considered acceptable references

About Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Pellissippi State’s Natural and Behavioral Sciences Department offers courses in anthropology, biology, botany, chemistry, geography, geology, nutrition, physical education, physics, psychology and early childhood and teacher education .

Tennessee Transfer Pathway degrees allow Pellissippi Students with Associate of Science or Associate of Art degrees to seamlessly transfer to a Tennessee public university as a junior. The degrees are available in biology, chemistry, physics and psychology.

Natural and Behavioral Sciences include all the academic disciplines that study the activities and interactions of living things, including human and animal behavior. This broad field of study includes traditional scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry and physics, plus behavioral and social sciences such as psychology and anthropology.

Study in the fields of natural and behavioral sciences can prepare you for transfer to a four-year college to continue a natural science, a social science or an education degree. Natural and behavioral sciences courses also can prepare you for innovative careers in science, engineering, education, nursing and psychology.

Students of natural sciences, psychology, physical education and behavioral sciences will learn skills and attitudes necessary for achieving personal and professional goals through problem-solving, critical thinking, interpersonal

communication and public speaking. It’s the goal of the Natural and Behavioral Sciences Department to prepare students for their desired transfer or career paths.

About Pellissippi State Community College

Pellissippi State Community College is one of 40 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents system. TBR is the governing board of the College System of Tennessee, offering more than 400 programs of study at the state’s 13 community colleges, 27 colleges of applied technology and the online TN eCampus. The college serves an average of 10,000 students, making it the largest community college in Tennessee by enrollment. Pellissippi State Community College offers eligible employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement programs, time off including annual and sick leave, and much more.

In 2018, Pellissippi State became a member of an Achieve the Dream (ATD) three-year cohort adopting a theme of Start Strong, Stay Strong, Finish Strong for our work. Achieve the Dream has partnered with the program Integrated Student Experience at Pellissippi State (Insteps) to improve the fall-to-fall retention rates for full-time and part-time students by 13% in the next five years. Our vision is to ensure every student who attends Pellissippi State will develop a sense of belonging and confidence in their ability to succeed academically, grow intellectually, and make timely progress towards achieving their educational and vocational goals. If this is something that aligns with your values, we encourage you to apply.

Culture and Diversity

Knoxville claims a wide range of forward thinking national and international talents. The scholarly influence on the Knoxville metropolitan area bred literary greats including James Agee, Cormac McCarthy, and Nikki Giovanni. Knoxville is home to one of the largest sculptures dedicated to an African American in the country. Located in Haley Heritage Square is a 13-foot high bronze statue of author and Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Haley who chose to spend the last several years of his life in Knoxville. Renowned artists Beauford Delaney and Joseph Delaney hailed from Knoxville. Musicians Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, the Everly Brothers, and RB Morris called Knoxville home during their careers. Women’s suffragist Lizzie Crozier French was active in the ratification of the 19thamendment and was born and raised in Knoxville.

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Position Summary:

The overall purpose of this job is to manage and operate all science laboratories on the Strawberry Plains campus. The main functions include preparing science experiments, as well as obtaining all supplies, materials, and equipment needed by the faculty and students in the laboratories through college channels, and setting these out in an orderly fashion. This includes such things as preparing chemicals, reagents, and solutions, growing bacteria and plants, properly disposing of chemical and biohazard waste, updating SDS information and other safety protocols, maintaining a clean/safe environment in the laboratories and making sure equipment is accounted for and in working order. Another responsibility is to communicate with the laboratory instructors to help with troubleshooting minor issues during instruction. As a member of a site campus, this person is expected to engage with the campus community at that site campus. All of these done with a team attitude to the benefit of our students and the goals of our college.

30% Set up and take down laboratory exercises and practical tests with required supplies, materials, and equipment. *Laboratory setups include the coursesGeneral Biology, Botany,Anatomy and Physiology,Microbiology,General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Geology. (SP Campus)

30% Prepare chemical reagents and solutions; bending glass to build chemical reaction set ups; *prepare and sterilize growing media; grow organisms such as bacteria, keep their line uncontaminated by using aseptic technics and operate various equipment as needed to accomplish these tasks. (SP Campus)

10% Assist the Lead Laboratory Technician ordering supplies and other duties. Obtain needed supplies and equipment from Parkway Campus; travel to other branch campuses as needed. Attend meetings and training as required for the Job Tittle and assist other laboratory technicians.

10% Communicate the laboratory supply needs to the Lead Laboratory Technician and other department members or to other departments/facilities/helpdesk within the institution when necessary; serve as a liaison between laboratory instructors and course lead instructors.

5% Ensure a safe laboratory environment through proper coordination and disposal of chemical/biohazardous waste, update Safety Data Sheets (SDS), proper labeling of chemicals and reagents, test safety equipment; create visual aids in the laboratories to inform instructors and students of required safety guidelines and practices, inform instructors of updated and/or current safety standards. Interact and work with the external vendors that give maintenance or do service to the laboratory.

5% Assist the Lead Laboratory Technician in inventory of the equipment once a year; check equipment and perform minor repairs or adjustment to the same or notify the Lead Laboratory Technician to contact the appropriate personnel be who can fix or adjust them.

5% Store the equipment materials and chemicals properly, keep the labs cleaned. Do thorough cleaning between semesters and once a year.

5% Assist with site campus activities and miscellaneous projects as assigned by the campus dean.

Note: The College reserves the right to change or reassign job duties, or combine positions at any time.

Job Requirements:

· Bachelor’s degree or higher in a natural science such as Chemistry or Biology from an accredited institution.

· No career experience is required, however the laboratory experience required to obtain a degree in the natural sciences should be sufficient; additional laboratory work experience outside of what is required to obtain a degree in the natural sciences would be preferred. · Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Part-time work experience is calculated at 50% credit of full-time work experience

Scope of Responsibility:

Organization and time management skills, attention to detail, ability to troubleshoot laboratory equipment and problem solving . It is important to have the materials and equipment ready to be set up in a timely manner. This is especially true when there is a short time frame to break down one laboratory exercise and set up another. While the materials necessary for the laboratory exercises are straightforward, it is good to have creative thinking in this job in to make any substitutions in a short amount of time. Creative thinking is required to balance and plan for four disciplines of science; knowledge all four and of OSHA must be sufficient to realize and deal with problems that may arise. There are SDS available to guide in the safe usage of chemicals Each laboratory technician also has “prep books” that lay out the chemicals, equipment, specimens, etc. for each laboratory exercise for consistency across campuses.

Physical Demands:

The Job is physically demanding. This includes climbing ladders to lift objects on and off high storage shelves or squatting to lift objects from floor cabinets (such as water baths, carboys, models, boxes, and glassware); sometimes the need to move equipment up to 30 lbs. Also is collecting the required materials & equipment from around the prep area and laboratory classroom. The work environment may include: desk work, fumes from hazardous chemicals, physical irritants from chemicals, contact with blood or body fluid pathogens etc. *We work with dangerous equipment and substances and wear the appropriate safety equipment to handle them. Manual dexterity is especially important for preparing microbiology and chemistry to the precise filling of reagents and media as well as to inoculate and growth of organisms . (SP Campus)

The laboratory technicians must be able to hear, smell, or detect color to see if there is a problem or emergency in the laboratory. Hearing is required so that the laboratory technician is able to detect problems in the lab, potential equipment malfunctions, and to maintain a safe lab environment.

Visual is required to maintain an organized, well-prepped, and safe laboratory, as well as accurately measure liquids using graduated cylinders, burets, etc. The detection of color is required because many of the chemical solutions required for the laboratory exercises are colorful and the laboratory technician must be able to detect the color to ensure the correct solution has been prepared. Also, it is a necessity to be able to read changes in litmus paper to ensure the safe disposal of pH solutions.

Pay will be determined based on related work experience above required. To be considered in determining pay, all related work experience must be listed on the application. This is an exempt level position.

Special Instructions to Applicants: To be considered for a position at Pellissippi State, you must create an on-line application. Your skills, abilities, qualifications, and years of experience will be evaluated using only what is recorded on your application. Work experience that is not listed on the application will not be considered towards compensation. Please note: attaching a resume does not substitute for completion of the application form. Part-time work experience is calculated at 50% of full-time experience. Please note: to scan, upload, or attach documents, a computer and scanner are available at the Hardin Valley Campus Educational Resources Center, if needed.

Pellissippi State Community College is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA employer

If you have any problems or questions please contact Human Resources at Pellissippi State Community College’s Human Resource Office at 865-694-6607 or by email at .

A summary of our benefits can be found at

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