Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

Joint Special Operations University, established in 2000 as an institution of higher learning with a focus on joint special operation operations education, invites applicants as federally funded positions as Title 10 (Administratively Determined) U.S. Air Force employees at the U.S. Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL  33621.  All positions would require a Top Secret clearance if the applicant is hired. The positions are assigned to the Institute for Special Operations Forces Strategic Studies with subject matter level-expertise responsibilities for the entire University.  Initial applicants are not to exceed three years with one year of probation.  Positions may be extended in subsequent three to five year terms.  Applicants with a doctoral level or terminal degree from an institution accredited by the U.S. Department of Education are positive factors for consideration.  U.S. Citizenship is required.  Positions are full-time.  Locality Pay is calculated at the ‘All of U.S.’ rate, and within the Tampa, FL and MacDill AFB area according to the “U.S. Air Force Administratively Determined (AD) Pay Plan (Rest of U.S.).”  

 -Professor of Geostrategy, Geo-Economics and Transnational Affairs

-Professor Strategic Intelligence and Joint Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational (JIIM) Operations

-Professor Science and Technology and Innovative Future

-Professor Special Operations Forces Leadership and the Special Operations Forces Operations Professional Ethic.

All resumes should highlight Teaching and Learning, Research and Analysis, and Service and Outreach:

Teaching and Learning:  As a professional military education organization, teaching is the core mission for the JSOU and is the highest priority for most faculty. Faculty whose chief responsibility involves teaching are expected to be masters of the content they teach and also appropriately familiar with the relevant subject areas taught at the JSOU. Faculty are expected to demonstrate the following in T&L: experts in facilitation, mentors to students and junior faculty, capable curriculum developers and leaders, and have a reputation across the SOF community for their ability to relate strategic content to diverse audiences. Skilled faculty bring passion and energy into the classroom along with mastery of the subject through credible instruction.

Research and Analysis:  All faculty are expected to engage in R&A and contribute to the scholarship (discovery, creation, and communication of knowledge) in ways appropriate to their discipline. At its core, scholarship involves advanced study in a specialized field and the transmission of ideas. Useful scholarship provides a new way of looking at things and has a positive impact on an organization, field/discipline, or enterprise. The most influential scholarship, R&A, is typically published and distributed outside the institution.

Service and Outreach:  In order to remain effective and relevant as an institution, faculty are expected to continually engage internally and externally to the University. Service (internal) is consistent with a conscientious commitment to improving the institution, advancing its objectives, and modeling professional values. Faculty members are expected to seek opportunities to serve in leadership roles within the University and their respective department.  Outreach (external) consists of professional activities that are above and beyond normal duties and in support of constituencies outside the University, with an emphasis on SOF. It assists organizations aligned with the JSOU mission: DoD and other federal agencies, nongovernmental and international organizations, professional societies, and academic institutions (civilian and military).

 Applications will only be accepted at the following link: