Assistant Professor/Program Director Medical Laboratory Technology

Illinois, United States
Salary Not specified
Mar 19, 2021
Employment Level
Tenured/Tenured Track
Employment Type
Full Time

Kankakee Community College (KCC) is located on a scenic 177-acre campus 60 miles south of Chicago and provides high quality transfer and career programs, adult education and literacy programs at multiple sites throughout its 1,600-square-mile district.

Provides instruction and assesses student learning in a variety of courses in medical laboratory technology; collaborates with colleagues to maintain and develop curriculum; serves on college committees, and performs other duties appropriate for a faculty member as assigned; is dedicated to the learning college concepts and develops programs and facilitates activities that promote student success and lifelong learning.

Is responsible for the organization, administration, periodic review, continued development, and general effectiveness of the programs listed under Position Title; is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of clinical laboratory sciences, current accreditation and certification procedures, and educational methodology through continued professional development.

Is responsible to plan, coordinate, facilitate, administer and monitor clinical activities for the clinical education component of the medical laboratory technology and phlebotomy curriculum; selects and evaluates clinical education sites; assures their effectiveness through a regular schedule of visits; and provides documented records and assessment of the clinical component of the program.


Essential Responsibilities:

A. Selects and reviews educational strategies and materials to facilitate achievement of competencies related to all courses in the program.

B. Prepares current syllabi and instructional materials in accordance with course master syllabi, college policies and procedures.

C. Advises, counsels and assists current and prospective students in accomplishing their course and program goals.

D. Provides consultation for student issues at the college and clinical sites.

E. Meets classes as scheduled by the college and maintains office hours as stated in the KCC Faculty Association Contract.

F. Evaluates student performance and maintains and provides attendance and grade records for each class.

G. Remains current with content, technology and teaching and learning strategies in the discipline.

H. Assesses student learning outcomes at the class, course, and program levels.

I. Coordinates assessments of all program courses so that all terminal outcomes are addressed in a five-year period.

J. Participates in curriculum and course development, and in ongoing revisions and updates.

K. Attends division, program director, and faculty meetings and communicates regularly with the Health Careers Dean regarding instructional concerns.

L. Works in conjunction with Health Career advisors to answer questions, review forms, and other combined duties.

M. Reviews all program eligibility appeals and provides approval or denial

N. Verifies all required health information is complete for students attending clinical, following up on any questionable results.

O. Updates program handbooks and conducts orientations for new program students.

P. Maintains program student files.

Q. Updates hospital required orientations and verifies they are completed by all students attending clinicals.

RMaintains clinical site agreements.

S. Seeks new clinical sites, as needed, to assure student placement.

T. Develops schedules for students’ clinical rotations.

U. Participates in the faculty evaluation and in‑service development activities.

V. Works in a collaborative manner and responds to phone and email requests promptly from administration, faculty, staff, clinical sites, prospective students, vendors, and professional peers.

W. Assists the Health Careers Dean in the recruitment and selection of personnel for full- and part-time instructional positions and tutors within the program.

X. Completes recommendation forms for full- and part-time faculty.

Y.  Orients new faculty to program policies and practices and the location and operation of supplies and equipment. Provides course materials and assistance to part‑time instructors.

Z. Provides guidance and required information/forms for clinical sites to verify outcomes are met.

AA. Serves on college committees as stated in the KCC Faculty Association Contract.

BB. Develops and submits to the Health Careers Dean an annual budget request for the operation of the program; approves program expenditures within the Board-adopted budget.

CC. Reviews and revises program cost sheets.

DD. Follows the policies and procedures of the college as stated in the Faculty    Administrator Handbook and the KCC Faculty Association Contract.

EE. Represents and interprets the program at available opportunities. Participates in multiple recruitment activities.

FF. Attends the commencement program.

GG. Recommends a schedule of classes, instructor assignments, coordinates   textbook selection and maintains current files of course materials.

HH. Prepares catalog material, program brochures, and other marketing materials for the programs.

II. Plans for and orders equipment, supplies, accreditation payments; coordinates and provides maintenance and inventory of equipment for instructional purposes within the programs. Procures and prepares specimens from local hospital laboratories to be used in course labs.

JJ. Consults with and advises the Learning Resource Center staff regarding desired books, periodicals, and audiovisual supplies.

KK. Assists the dean with supervising and evaluating personnel in the programs, including both full- and part-time instructors. 

LL. Completes program(s) reviews.

MM. Conducts graduate and employer surveys.

NN. Prepares and submits annual evaluation reports of program accomplishments and concerns, making recommendations where appropriate; submits other reports as requested.  Serves as the program liaison with appropriate accreditation agencies, such as the national Accreditation Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

OO. Monitors graduate certification scores as compared to national rates.

PP. Ensures that the program advisory committee meets at least twice a year and that minutes of the advisory committee meetings are supplied to the Health Careers Dean and to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.


Educational and Experiential Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:

A. Master’s in Medical Laboratory Sciences or related field required.

B. Nationally recognized generalist certification as a medical laboratory scientist/medical technologist required.

C. Minimum of three years’ experience in medical laboratory science education that includes teaching courses, conducting and managing learning experiences, evaluating student achievement, providing input into curriculum development, policy and procedure formulation, and evaluation of program effectiveness required.

D. Knowledge of education methods and administration as well as current accreditation and certification procedures preferred.

E. Prior experience as an excellent, innovative teacher and use of instructional technologies is desirable; community college experience preferred.

F. Qualified candidate must have strong reading, writing, communication, and computation skills as well as be computer literate.

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