Adjunct Instructor - Cannabis Science & Operations

The School for Professional Studies at Saint Louis University is seeking part-time adjunct faculty to teach on-line courses in the Cannabis Science and Operations Certificate program.  Qualified applicants need not relocate and will be reviewed and contacted as openings become available.  

Applicants must have extensive professional experience or education in one or more of the Program’s instructional areas:

  • Cannabis Fundamentals: Growing, Manufacturing and Dispensing
Knowledge of the science of growing the cannabis plant, the manufacturing and processing of cannabis products, and dispensing of cannabis for medical and therapeutic use. 

  • Cannabis Plant Science and Cultivation
Knowledge of growing and developing the cannabis plant for use in the pharmaceutical, construction, and agricultural sectors. 

  • Cannabis Extraction and Product Production
Knowledge of Information relevant to the extraction and manufacturing of cannabis, including but not limited to basic chemistry, lab safety, and manufacturing practices. 

  • Cannabis Compliance and Dispensing
Knowledge of roles, responsibilities and legal requirements of a dispensary in the distribution of information and products to the consumer. 

  • Pharmacological Properties of Cannabis
Knowledge of chemical characteristics of the cannabis components and the factors that influence its interaction within the body.

 Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate effective and varied on-line and cannabis facility on-site instructional practices with the assistance of the School’s Instructional Developer;
  • Provide students with an approved syllabus that includes course outcomes, policies, assignments and evaluation criteria;
  • Evaluate student performance in meeting course outcomes through assignments, projects, and discussion;
  • Provide feedback in a timely manner regarding student progress on course outcomes;
  • Respond to all emails, phone calls, questions and other inquiries in a timely manner (within 24 hours preferred, with 48 hours required);
  • Communicate all student concerns to the Program’s Academic Coach, keeping them updated and aware of and/or involved with solutions.
  • Communicate all programmatic concerns to the Program Director for Cannabis Science and Operations.

 For more information on Saint Louis University’s Cannabis Science and Operations program, please visit our website

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