Adjunct Instructor - Child Development (PT)


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated success in the classroom by developing and using highly effective teaching strategies that meet students’ diverse needs and that promote the acquisition and application of knowledge and the development of critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills; and in addition, engage in and model intellectual curiosity and express passion for their disciplines and for learning in general.


Design courses to meet learning outcomes, and promote students’ active participation in their own learning. Create an effective learning environment that fosters students’ intellectual curiosity and helps students to problem solve using discipline-specific thinking strategies. Employ a variety of formative and summative assessments to ensure that classroom instruction leads to student learning and the attainment of the student learning outcomes for the course. Help students reach their academic, personal and career goals and foster a safe environment that respects the diversity of people and ideas by modeling respect for all students and conveying confidence in every student’s ability to learn. Contribute to and provide leadership in their academic and professional communities, and promote collaboration and teamwork among members of these communities. Adhere to City Colleges of Chicago code of ethics, Board rules and policies.
  • M.S. in Child Development/Early Childhood Development or M.Ed in Elementary or M.Ed in Secondary Education or M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education or Human Development and Education.
  • Successful teaching experience in higher education; classroom teaching experience in a diverse classroom setting; conference presentations; a demonstrated knowledge of and experience working with early education entitlement programs and current curriculum designs; a commitment to diversity and the many uses of technology in student learning; and an interest in and understanding of the multiple methods of investigation and scholarships in early childhood education.
  • We prefer candidates with knowledge of Blackboard Learning Management System.
  • Must be able to work in a multicultural environment that reflects our student body and embraces our vision and mission.

We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.
Thank you for your interest in City Colleges of Chicago!

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