Overhead Electrical Line Worker Vocational Instructor Part-time



The Dawson team is made up of caring journeymen and/or tradesmen who have years of experience in their respective industry who use their knowledge and passion to teach students through a collaborative team environment. For successful entry into the electrical utility trades or apprenticeship programs, the Overhead Electrical Line Worker instructor prepares students for the various safety requirements and skills needed for the job. Dawson Technical Institute (DTI) is dedicated to providing students with intensive and comprehensive industry validated training in the construction trade and utility industries. DTI is committed to preparing students to compete in these industries by offering relevant competency-based instruction that leads to unionized apprenticeships and other relevant trade and utility worker opportunities


  • Lesson planning and classroom instruction using the approve Line Worker Curriculum (theory and contextualized learning and assessment).
  • Classroom/lab preparation and yard preparation. Lab contact hours with students, lab clean up, material preparation for student lab work.
  • BrightSpace System administrative work for courses.
  • Instructor staff trainings, self-development meetings, workshops and customer visits on and off the DTI site.
  • Assure students being supervised are working in a safe manner in classrooms, laboratories, the training yard and in offsite visits.


  • Ten years of experience as a lineman with an electrical utility company, with at least 3 years of experience in troubleshooting and/or safety.
  • A Journeyman’s Accreditation, an active Journeyman’s card or one of the following credentials are preferred At least one industry credential from the American Welding Society and at least one other credential from the American Welding Society and at least one other credential from the American Welding Society, the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers or an electrician's license from the City of Chicago (will count as two industry credentials) or an IBEW journeyman's Card (will count as two industry credentials.
  • Familiarity with all aspects of overhead high voltage electric line work, as well as electric theory for the utility industry.
  • Ability to construct and operate high voltage electric line equipment and operate necessary utility vehicles.
  • Capability to demonstrate the use of safety rules, requirements and PPE mandatory in the high voltage industry.
  • Exhibit sensitivity to a multicultural student population.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to teach and/or reinforce concepts of Cast test related mathematics.
  • Working independently and exercising sound judgement; maintaining confidentiality in all matters related to students
  • Ability to work under pressure and exercise flexibility as needed.
  • Knowledge of safety requirements, equipment usage, and field related lineman techniques.


  • Expertise in the installation, repair and maintenance of overhead and underground electrical power lines and auxiliary equipment.
  • Installation and removal of transformers, switches, circuit breakers and other overhead line and underground devices.
  • Expertise in pole top rescue.
  • Be able to use a learning management system. Instructor will be provided training.

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