SMU-2102122-Director of Disability Resource Center

Samuel Merritt Universtiy
California, United States
Salary Commensurate with experience
Feb 10, 2021
Employment Level
Employment Type
Full Time

Job Summary

The Director of Disability Resource Center provides leadership, management, development, and continuous improvement of the Department of Disability Support Services. The Director, in collaboration with members of the academic division and other campus offices, provides support, guidance, and education to members of the University community and its partners on university practices related to students with disabilities.  The Director administers all of the policies, procedures and practices that establish the eligibility of students for disability services, including verification of disabilities and prescription of support services and accommodations, that are in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and state laws.

Duties and Responsibilities

Other duties may be assigned.  (An asterisk (*) denotes and essential job funtion for ADA purposes).

50% - Department Leadership and Management

  • Analyzes current trends and research in the area of students with disabilities in higher education and health care practitioners with disabilities, in order to design services for students with disabilities.
  • As the ADA Compliance Officer, monitors, evaluates, and analyzes statutes, regulations, case law and rulings of the Office of Civil Rights and other agencies at the federal and state level that pertain to higher education*, to Samuel Merritt University and to health care practitioners with disabilities and assures that the University complies with those statutes, regulations, case law and rulings.
  • Implements policies, procedures and practices that minimizes exposure risk for liability to Samuel Merritt University and that provide appropriate services to students*.  
  • Evaluate the outcomes of the Department’s functions, analyzes the results of that evaluation and uses the data along with other data and information to improve outcomes and services.
  • Collaborates with key stakeholders, e.g. faculty, Department Chairs, students, and Division staff, to align the Department’s services with the needs of the students to successfully complete their academic program.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders on campus to obtain grants for programs that promote access to the University’s programs for students with disabilities*.  
  • Assures the Department has necessary resources to successfully meet its mission and purpose, including responsibility for the operating and capital budgets for the Department and staff with the required expertise.  
  • Provides learning programs regarding students and health care practitioners with disabilities for key campus stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement practices and programs that proactively support student success and emotional wellness for students who have disabilities.
  • Develops and implements a plan that addresses circumstances for students with disabilities that may develop into crisis situations and proposes and prioritize means to implement the plan.
  • Recruits and institutes contracts or other agreements for outside vendors (speakers, consultants) that provide intermittent, specialized services for the Department.
  • Recruits, Hires, supervises, and manages all department employees and student employees, including managing the Department’s federal work study budget.  
  • Represents the Department and Division on University committees, task forces or ad hoc groups.

50% - Disability Services and Testing Center

  • Interpret and assess all types of disability documentation including psychometric and psycho-educational testing/evaluations, learning specialists’ reports, and physicians’ diagnoses*.  Prescribe accommodations that give students equal access while not fundamentally altering the education program*. 
  • Performs all necessary services related to students with disabilities, including but not limited to: intake interviews with students; keeping accurate, comprehensive and timely notes/records related to students; reviewing documentation and evaluative reports; preparing letters of accommodation; evaluating eligibility for services; conducting follow-up meetings with students; organizing reasonable accommodations, services and auxiliary aids for students; and making referrals to appropriate community and University services or agencies.* 
  • Oversees the delivery of services to students, such as academic and disability related advisement, and coaching of advocacy skills.
  • Collaborates with the Academic Vice President, the faculty, and disabled students for successful delivery of appropriate accommodations*.  In conjunction with academic departments, creates and disseminates the Technical Standards for each academic program.  Create policy guidelines for documentation of disabilities*.
  • Develop and present programs and in-service training for students, staff and faculty* that raises awareness of Universal design, access, and related needs. 
  • Communicate with licensing boards to describe and validate individual student eligibility for disability accommodations on licensure and certification exams*.
  • Oversee all services and providers for students with disabilities, e.g. Assistive Technology accommodations, sign language interpreters, CART providers.
  • Represent the University at local, regional and national associations that advance and support access to higher education for students with disabilities.
  • Manages the Disability Testing Center
  • Creates policies, procedures and guidelines for all testing activities
  • Collaborates with staff to ensure uniform implementation of proper testing practices.
  • Trains all personnel who are involved with the Disability Testing Center. 
  • Maintains a testing center that meets standards for necessary test accommodations.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Staff who are responsible for administering the Disability Testing Center.

Education and/or Experience

  • Master’s Degree in special education, education, counseling or related field required
  • Understanding of Disability Law and Section 504/ADA compliance
  • Ability to interpret psychometric testing
  • Experience creating and teaching learning support programs and learning strategies
  • Must be able to work independently
  • 2-3 years of related experience preferably in an academic environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to function in an atmosphere of changing priorities
  • Must exhibit tact, discretion, problem solving skills.
  • Maintain confidentiality

Other Skills and Abilities

  • Skill in interpreting legal decisions affecting disability services in higher education
  • Skills in test interpretation
  • Excellent communication skills required, including the ability to communicate effectively with students, faculty, and other professional colleagues.
  • Excellent written communication skills, including the ability to organize and effectively communicate ideas.
  • Ability to serve as an ombudsperson for students in crisis situations
  • Courteous and professional manner required
  • Diplomacy in dealing with conflict
  • Attention to details as they relate to record keeping and documentation of services provided.
  • Demonstrated ability to make decisions and exercise professional judgment
  • Computer and word processing
  • Ability to interact with College faculty and staff, medical center staff, currently enrolled students, and other professional student services staff.
  • Ability and skill to work independently, and as part of a designated team
  • Ability to travel to other SMU campuses as needed


The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.

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