Full-time Faculty Positions for Fall Semester, 2021 (Seoul, Korea)

Full-time Faculty Positions for Fall, 2021


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1.Fields (Position description)



History :Contemporary History of Korea


Chemistry : Physical Chemistry


Electronic Engineering : Artificial Intelligence


Computer Science and Engineering : Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering : All field of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Business Administration/ MBA : Global MBA Track(Business Administration, Non-tenured)


Media & Entertainment : Theatre & Performance


Art & Technology : Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Computer Graphic


Graduate School of International Studies :International Relations






  1. a) Applicants must be eligible for appointment according to the regulations governing private universities and are required to have a doctoral degree in the relevant field in hand by the appointment start date.


- For History, Business Administration and MBA, this is an Assistant Professor position.


- For MBA (Global MBA Track), this is for those who can teach in Chinese.


- For Media & Entertainment, applicant who have completed a doctorate course work can apply for this position.


- For Electronic Engineering, preferred those who have BK prestige international conference papers.


- For Graduate School of International Studies, this is for those who can teach in English.


(All courses are taught in English at GSIS)



  1. b) Applicants must have 200 or more points in qualifying publications dated no earlier than March 1, 2018 (including the Ph.D. dissertation).


For detailed criteria on qualifying publications and points see: Directions -> Tips when completing publication list.



  1. c) Applicants must be able to teach at least one course each semester in English.


- In the case of applicants for History and MBA (Global MBA Track), English-language teaching is not obligatory.

  • Appointment Date : September 1, 2021.



  • Evaluation Process











Application Review


- Research record


- Correspondence with advertised field and area of specialization


- Teaching experience


- Educational background




Specialization Review


Research Record Evaluation


- Publication record


- Qualitative level of journals in which papers have been published


- Potential for future research development


Open Lecture


- Quality of open lectures (contents, methodology, and ability to handle questions and comments)


- Student responses to open lectures






- Overall qualifications and aptitude as an educator


- Potential to contribute to Sogang University


* Criteria and procedures may vary across departments.


  • Initial Application Period:



From February 16, 11:00 a.m., to February 23, 2021, 5:00 p.m., local time in Seoul.


- Applicants who fail to submit all application forms (via the online application system) within the specified period will be considered to have withdrawn their applications and will be excluded from the screening process.



  • Application Process



1) Process for 1st stage of application


① Visit http://professor.sogang.ac.kr and set up an account


② Login to your account


③ Complete the Internet Application Form


[Application form] Save → [Publication List form] Save → [Self-introduction form] Save → [Submit] → [Check and confirm the receipt number of submission] → [Completion of application]


※ Even after clicking on “Save” each time after completing the Application Form, Publication List, and Self-Introduction Form (Personal Statement) respectively, the submission process will not be complete unless you click on the “Submit” button before the closing time for applications, and failure to do so means you will not be included in the list of candidates to be evaluated and will be excluded from the hiring process. (Please check and confirm your receipt number after submitting your application).


④ Certificates of Acceptance for publications and any other additional documents needed for initial applications to certain departments should be uploaded to the online “File Box” on the Application Site.



2) Process for 2nd stage of application: This only concerns successfully shortlisted applicants


① Print out application documents from the online application site (application form, list of research publications, self-introduction) and sign them.


② Prepare research materials and other additional materials (specified when the shortlisted applicants are contacted).


③ Indicate the list of contents on the outside of the envelope when submitting the documents.


④ All required documents should be included under a single cover and submitted either in person or by mail.


* Applicants who are accepted for the second and third stages of the hiring process will be notified. They will have to supply copies of a number of recently published papers for evaluation, and come to Sogang University to give an open lecture and be interviewed. Candidates living overseas may be eligible for a travel and accommodation grant; detailed information may be obtained from the Office of Academic Administration.



For more information, please visit http://professor.sogang.ac.kr and read the “Invitation Announcement“ and the “Guide to Application“ carefully.