ATSU - Security Officer - Arizona

A.T. Still University
Arizona, United States
Salary Not Specified
Feb 05, 2021
Employment Type
Full Time

A.T. Still University (ATSU) is seeking applications for a security officer on the Mesa, Arizona campus. The security officer is responsible for all matters of security, security personnel, and safety. The security officer monitors security cameras and helps with training, protection, and security for all assigned properties of A.T. Still University, Mesa Campus.

Job Duties

A. Works directly with the 24-hour security team, which includes first, second, and weekend shift security employees and contracted security officers.
B. Assist with the deposit run daily, as requested.
C. Assist with mail as needed from the secured mailbox.
D. Monitoring security camera systems.
E. Enforce the policy on I.D. Badges.
F. Respond to any reports of security issues from security personnel.
G. Respond to any incident reports from security personnel and disseminate to the appropriate University personnel.
H. Lock and unlock selected doors daily according to departmental procedures.
I. Ensure the premises are patrolled on a nonscheduled basis at least twice per eight-hour shift.
J. Recognize and report for fire and safety hazards daily.
K. Perform confidential investigations in matters about alleged losses, thefts, and wrongful acts of individuals affecting security and complete an incident report accurately as needed and disseminate to appropriate University personnel.
L. Question strangers and make sure they have a legitimate reason for their presence as needed.
M. Provide physical restraints on persons when directed to do so by the proper authority according to departmental procedures.
N. Respond immediately to emergency calls.
O. Scanning the campus for motor vehicle policy violations and report to safety coordinator.
P. Control parking lots by use of citations and assistance on an ongoing basis.
Q. Maintain accurate record reports, statistics, and files for security.
R. Check proper functioning of cell phones, two-way radios, and other equipment regularly.
S. Work with external contractors if necessary for security.
T. Complete other duties as assigned.

Additional Responsibilities

A. Appraises crime prevention and law enforcement problems.
B. Works with managers to prepare and conduct workshops and seminars regarding security procedures.
C. Review and recommend revisions to traffic and parking regulations.
D. Assist with the coordination and planning of disaster drills in conjunction with the crisis and disaster plan.
E. Responsible for building security and an effective key card control program.
F. Assist with crisis and disaster planning.
G. Make arrangements for security certification and other training/workshops appropriate for security personnel in conjunction with HR.
H. Prepare and submit various internal and external reports.
I. Familiarize himself/herself on all University policies and procedures related to safety and security.