Production and Scheduling Coordinator

Job Description

Coordinate the throughput of flight students within the department, to include: flight student enrollment; analysis of flight training productivity; assurance of efficient and effective use of and scheduling of resources; eliminating training bottlenecks; using statistical methods to analyze effectiveness of training operations. Develops short-term operational plans and forecasts that include: student enrollment forecasts, staffing needs, assignment of work shifts, and aircraft fleet needs. Coordinates the year-round utilization for all flight students, flight instructors and aircraft and training devices. Coordinates the day-to-day assignment of students to flight blocks and flight instructors.

1. Maintain a smooth production flow and department effectiveness by:

a. Maximizing re-enrollment of all existing and prospective flight students using various communication methods

b. Coordinating all student-instructor pairings

c. Ensuring appropriate workload of assigned instructor pilots is maintained

d. Identify and eliminate training and evaluation bottlenecks

e. Use statistical methods to evaluate training and service effectiveness

2. Provide flight registration service for all flight students.

3. Create short-term plans for efficient and effective use of assets and job functions for all assigned personnel by:

a. Assigning work shifts for instructor pilots

b. Coordinating aircraft and simulator maintenance and qualification schedules with other department priorities

c. Collecting asset-utilization and student-enrollment data pertinent to creation of short- and long-term plans

4. Provide scheduling services (when Lead Flight Scheduler is absent) for flight training activities based upon a complex set of priorities to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of flight training operations.

5. Communicate with the appropriate managerial and administrative personnel:

a. Periodic Reports

b. Weekly meetings

Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree required.

Preferred licenses/certificates and experience:

  • Commercial Pilot- Airplane Single Engine Land, Multi-engine Land
  • Instrument Airplane.
  • Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument
  • 500 hours dual instruction given

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