Program Coordinator II - (STA006828)

Coordinates and provides senior-level administrative support to an ongoing program at the University.

  1. Coordinates program to ensure that implementation and prescribed activities are carried out in accordance with specified objectives.
  2. Participates in planning and develops methods for program implementation and administration; coordinates program activities and processes.
  3. Reviews program records and reports of activities. Recommends modifications to methods or procedures as required.
  4. Prepares recurring and ad hoc program reports for management use.
  5. Assists in preparing reports, proposals, manuals, and other documentation as required for the program.
  6. Participates in budget planning and is responsible for controlling expenditures in accordance with budget allocations for the program.
  7. Conducts formal training or gives instruction regarding program policies and procedures.
  8. Interacts with faculty, staff and students to promote the goals and objectives of the program.
  9. Develops and maintains database on research studies, policy issues, etc.
  10. Performs other job related duties as required.

Additional Posting Information:

The primary purpose of this position is to develop, supervise and implement the CAMP academic program. This position is responsible for the student assessment, academic and personal development, recruitment, academic services, retention, and financial aid. Works in collaboration with the UH colleges, college curriculum directors (degree programs), District migrant program directors, students, and parents. Assists with evaluations.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • Personal, academic, career, economic education, or personal finance counseling as an ongoing part of the program;
  • Tutoring and academic-skill building instruction and assistance.
  • Monitoring and reporting the academic progress of students who participated in the project during their first year of college and their subsequent years in college;
  • Referring follow-up students to on- or off-campus providers of academic assistance may include mentoring and guidance;
  • Monitor annual reporting on academic progress;
  • Supportive and instructional services to improve placement, persistence, and retention in post-secondary education;
  • Personal, academic, career, economic education as an ongoing part of program;
  • Tutoring and academic-skill building instruction and assistance;
  • Develop other assistance necessary to assist students in completing their first year of college or university;
  • Develop, implement, and supervise Other CAMP educational services:
  • Developing and supervising tutoring services;
  • Developing academic skills workshops;
  • Develops and supervises Supportive and instructional services to improve placement, persistence, and retention;
  • Develop and supervise personal, academic, and career economic education as ongoing part of the program.


Qualifications :

Associates and 1 year experience

Education: Requires the ability and knowledge for analysis and interpretation of procedures, policies and practices attainable through specific education and/or training programs in a specialty or technical field. Advanced vocational or electronic skills or a basic knowledge of a professional field is required. An Associate's degree or certification/licensing in a technical specialty program of over 18 months and up to 3 years duration are characteristic of this field.Experience: Requires a minimum of one (1) year of directly job-related experience.

Preferred qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree. Knowledge of University of Houston undergraduate curriculum and knowledge of math, computer science, science, and technology education. Experience with migrant and low income students. Must speak Spanish and have extensive knowledge of migrant students, migrant parents, migrant lifestyle, and migrant student resilience.

Candidates that can read, write, and speak in Spanish are preffered.

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