Senior Research Assistant - Cancer Biology


The laboratory of Dr. Schiff studies key oncogenic signaling pathways for targeted therapy in breast cancer and the mechanisms of drug resistance. The lab's goal is to design and translate to the clinic, strategies that better predict, prevent, or overcome resistance by using tailored drug combinations with a favorable safety profile.

Job Duties
  • Designs and conducts research experiments.
  • Performs responsible research work that requires planning, completing, and occasionally supervising limited research projects in accordance with general plans approved by the supervisor.
  • Communication with regulatory agencies including IRB, IBC and IACUC, and other funding agencies (e.g. DOD) in order to maintain updated approved protocols for animal and patient/clinical related studies.
  • Conducts literature searches and summarizes information in an appropriate format for a particular study.
  • Documents and interprets results of experiments and reports to principal investigators.
  • Trains and orients less experienced research staff.
  • Submits SRM purchases and complete Goods Receipts.
  • Expertise in and the ability to coordinate large scale therapeutic and drug resistant animal experiments and associated ex vivo studies
  • Submits work orders to Facilities when needed regarding special repairs or cleaning is required.
  • Delineates the role of circulating tumor cell (CTC) and CTC clusters in breast cancer metastasis and therapy resistance.
  • Determines mechanisms of resistance to HER2-targeted therapies and design effective treatment regimens and drug combinations to overcome resistance.
  • Investigate the genomic and epigenomic regulation of ER in hormone therapy resistance and metastasis, with a particular focus on co-regulators of ER and pioneer factors.
  • Identifies the mechanisms of resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitors and develop biomarkers.
  • Characterizes ER-positive and HER2-positive breast cancer molecular profiles using clinical specimens and develop multifactorial predictive biomarkers to stratify patients for tailored targeted therapies as well as treatment de-escalation.
  • Works with the PI on lab funding and managing lab expenses.
  • Selects and determines appropriate research procedures graduate students.
  • Responsible for the management and coordination of all the lab's research protocols (SOPs), orders, inventories, archiving documents, storage and distribution of large scale genomics databases with other researchers in the lab. Must be able to communicate results and challenges related to his/her/their own projects as well as the lab program to the principal investigator (PI) and, in coordination with the PI to collaborators. Ability to resolve, in consultation with PIs, various technical problems as they emerge.
  • Oversees the maintenance of lab equipment, inventory, and environment.
  • Participates in weekly lab meetings presenting status updates on projects.
  • Manages software and archiving of genomics data, communicates with IT and Cluster Coordinator, coordinates data exchange with our collaborators.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in a Basic Science or related field.
  • Four years of relevant experience.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Master's degree in a related field plus two years of experience will be considered.
  • Cancer research.
  • Must be a teamplayer and work well within a group.
  • Ability to independently conduct bioinformatics analyses (e.g., Sequence alignment, RNA seq analysis, Exome analysis, SNP and CNV analysis, GSEA analysis).

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