Director of Equity and Inclusion

Little Red Schoolhouse and Elizabeth Irwin High School
New York, United States
$165,000.00 - $180,000.00
Jan 03, 2021
Employment Level
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Full Time

Leadership Opportunity


Director of Equity & Community

LREI - Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School

New York City, NY

July 1, 2021 Start


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As a truly progressive school community, we never shy away from the challenges and the possibilities of change and growth. It is this bold, experimental, progressive vision of education that continues to inspire and guide the LREI community today. What we did yesterday, what we are doing today, and what we will do tomorrow are all a part of a coherent 14-year experience inspired by our mission.

The foundations of democracy and of our school are built by daily habits of recognizing the rights of those who differ from ourselves.

- Elisabeth Irwin, founder of LREI


LREI, a PreK through 12th grade progressive, independent, co-ed, day school in New York, NY, seeks an experienced and engaging Director of Equity & Community to begin July 1, 2021. Reporting directly to Phil Kassen, Director of LREI, and collaborating with all members of the senior administrative team, faculty and staff, the Director of Equity and Community will both provide strategic vision and programmatic leadership to all constituents in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and social justice. Building on a well-established institutional commitment to and leadership in this work, the Director of Equity and Community will elevate the strength of LREI’s reputation, practice, and programming to place it at the forefront of equity, inclusivity, belonging and social justice as an independent school community. 

The Director of Equity and Community will collaborate with senior leadership to shape faculty and staff professional development in DEI, contribute to the school leadership team’s thinking and decisions, improve student learning and programming with respect to DEI, liaison with parent groups and committees, and support outreach and advocacy in ways that support LREI’s mission, diversity statement and strategic plan and overall DEI goals. 

LREI is deeply and historically committed to providing students with an excellent progressive, experiential education; to cultivating a community that fosters diversity and inclusivity; and to empowering students towards social justice and activism. LREI was originally founded in 1921 by the vanguard progressive educator Elisabeth Irwin as a dynamic and alternative public elementary school that would offer students experimental teaching and active learning. Now approaching its centennial year, LREI today is a nationally renown independent school that boasts of three thriving divisions, annually enrolls 650 students, and has two campuses a few blocks apart in New York City’s West Village. 


Strategic priorities and opportunities for the Director of Equity & Community include:

  • Bring all LREI families into the process of actively participating in the equity and social justice conversation, moving us all from dialogue to action
  • Reflect and promote the myriad facets and types of diversity that exist in the equity and community efforts of the school
  • Support and challenge all faculty and staff to embed equity and social justice learning throughout the curriculum and throughout their work
  • Examine policies alongside the Board of Trustees and Administration to ensure equity broadly, across the institution. Help calibrate the interplay between the students’ responsibility in taking charge of their DEI experience balanced with adults taking initiative in setting the environment for students to thrive
  • Help the school see trends in DEI work and understand all constituencies through data collection, metrics, and analysis
  • Support students in their efforts to contribute to school-wide initiatives and community matters; for example, their recent effort to craft a discrimination/behavior policy


The Position

Qualities of the next Director of Equity & Community

The Director of Equity and Community must be an experienced DEI practitioner and strategic leader and thinker, who understands how change happens at the individual and institutional level. The Director will be a collaborative leader who can harness LREI’s tremendous history with this work and the contributions of teachers and administrators who have helped the school grow and move forward. They will provide strategic guidance and training to inspire and lift the DEI practice of all senior administrators and all LREI programming for students and adults, as well as tactical techniques, resources and tools wherever appropriate. The Director will be a deep and careful listener for all constituencies, both adults and students; will believe in the benefits of progressive education; will possess instructional skills to support curricula development; will have the skills to resolve conflicts; will build trust and relationships throughout the community; will be effective with designing adult learning processes/professional development; will be present and engaged for students and families who need resources or advocacy; and will be a skilled communicator who is always an ambassador for LREI in the community of schools and beyond.

LREI’s diverse community requires a Director of Equity and Community who has demonstrated successful experience working with students, families, staff, faculty and leaders from a variety of backgrounds. The LREI community is eager to welcome a Director of Equity and Community who is proactive, energetic and has a growth mindset and a creative presence. A sense of humor, optimism, humility, empathy, excellent emotional intelligence and extraordinary interpersonal skills are essential qualities as well to possess. 



  • Academic foundation in Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Justice work
  • BA required; Master's or PhD preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • High EQ and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Sense of humor and capacity for empathy/kindness
  • Teamwork and collaboration-oriented 
  • Goal-oriented and self-motivated
  • Experience as a consultant and/or in schools


The Director of Equity and Community is responsible for:

  • Leading the school’s strategic diversity and justice initiatives, remaining current on emerging DEI theory and practice, keeping the school connected to organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of DEI for relevant training and learning
  • Collaborating with LREI’s senior administrative leadership team, participating in all institutional conversations and decision making; assisting with faculty evaluation; leading the creation of a vision for future growth  
  • Partnering with LREI’s Board of Trustees, through the Committee on Diversity and Community, to ensure the long term vision and implementation of the school’s DEI mission 
  • Developing and presenting workshops for faculty, staff, and parent learning; supporting small groups working on specific strategic DEI projects
  • Developing and leading workshops for families and students. The DEC hosts speakers/consultants in order to enhance the understanding of equity and justice issues at LREI and beyond 
  • Partnering with faculty and/or staff to develop and embed curriculum and programming that support social justice, healthy identity development, and concepts of diversity and equity
  • Working with students in all three divisions in support of student groups, assemblies, and equity/justice-related activities
  • Acting as a conduit of information and resource for various diversity and affinity groups in the school by attending meetings with those groups regularly. Coordinating efforts among groups and individuals and, where appropriate, providing administrative support for their activities, as well as initiating activities to help all members of the community fully participate in all aspects of school life 
  • Strengthening the school’s outreach efforts to attract and retain diverse community members - faculty, staff, and families through participating in job fairs and conferences, linking with educational organizations that focus on diversity, and conducting outreach to multicultural organizations and communities in both New York and the larger independent school community
  • Communicating and coordinating with the school’s administration, faculty/staff, and parents about diversity and equity-related concerns, issues, and events
  • Supporting the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Diversity & Community (CDC); acting as the liaison with any outside diversity consultants and organizations, and facilitating the activities of various consultants. 
  • Serving as a resource for faculty/staff, trustees, parents, students, and administrators seeking information about diversity and equity-related issues, including responding to issues and difficulties as they arise in the community, and helping constituents find the most appropriate route for addressing their particular concerns 
  • Ensuring that all of the school’s efforts and activities take into account LREI’s community, diversity, and equity needs and reflect the Mission and Diversity Statements, by reviewing school policies, publications and communications



A leader in progressive education since 1921, LREI teaches children to be independent thinkers who work together to solve complex problems. Students graduate from our diverse community as active participants in our democratic society, with the creativity, integrity, and courage to bring meaningful change to the world.



Since 1921, LREI’s commitment to social justice, equity and activism has ensured that every community member has access to the full LREI experience.

Our 14-year program explores, celebrates, and encourages differences and commonalities, and the challenges and opportunities they present. We view these efforts as integral to the personal and intellectual growth of each member of our school. 

LREI is committed to each of its community members, each of whom has a responsibility to both the community and to the wider world. This is as important now as it was when LREI was founded.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 31, 2012




Enrollment: 650

Faculty: 120

8:1 student-teacher ratio (class size differs by division)

Financial Aid: $6,800,000

Mascot: Knight

Colors: Red and White

The Faculty      

LREI’s approximate 160 faculty and staff members ground their practice in progressive principles and place students at the center. They create programs that try to narrow the distance between the world around students and their school experiences, and engage learners in authentic problem solving on a daily basis. They are warm and vital human beings concerned with human values and eager to discover with children how best these values may be fostered. They are creative, inventive and resourceful, stimulating, flexible, and fond of adventure. LREI’s faculty and staff members are accustomed to collaborating with their leaders and having input as strategic directions are set and programs are developed. 

The Students

LREI’s 650 students are kind, thoughtful, curious, motivated learners who come from all five boroughs and even a bit beyond New York City. They represent diversity of all kinds including geographic. Coming from all over but unified together by their school’s central mission and a warm, connected school community, LREI students are readers, writers, scientists, musicians, singers, actors, artists, scientists, and athletes. They are caring classmates, creative problem solvers, leaders, and activists who don’t hesitate to express themselves. Actively engaged by their teachers to be partners in their own learning, LREI students are fully engaged in the life of the school community, events, traditions, celebrations, and leadership opportunities. 


Located in the exciting West Village of New York City, LREI comprises two connected elementary and middle school buildings at 272 Sixth Avenue and a high school building a few blocks away at 40 Charlton Street. The charming and historic architecture features recently remodeled classrooms, performing arts and gymnasium spaces, as well as a rooftop playground for the youngest students. 


Procedure to Apply

LREI is an equal opportunity employer. The School is committed to equal employment opportunities in all employment practices and decisions including but not limited to: recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, compensation, and disciplinary action. LREI does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion or creed, financial status, pregnancy, childbirth, a medical condition relating from pregnancy or childbirth, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law (collectively, the "Protected Categories").

Interested candidates must submit the following materials confidentially via in one PDF attachment that includes in the following order:

  • Cover letter expressing interest in the LREI Director of Equity & Community position
  • Current résumé
  • Statement of educational philosophy and practice
  • List of three references including name, title, phone number, email address and professional relationship (references are contacted only with the candidate's permission)


Please email any questions to or by phone to Orpheus Crutchfield at (510) 685-0861.


Search Calendar

Applications due:                 January 11, 2020

Semifinalists interviews:       February 1-2, 2021

Finalists interviews:             February 8-13, 2021

Announcement:                   February 26, 2021

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