Utility Plant Operator

Pennsylvania, United States
Salary Not specified
Dec 17, 2020
Employment Level
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Full Time

Utility Plant Operator

Job No: 496617
Position Type: full-time
Location: Lewisburg, PA
Categories: Facilities

The Utility Plant Operator is responsible for operating and maintaining the campus central utility plant. The plant provides electric power, steam and chilled water to campus buildings. This position reports to the Utility Plant Supervisor in the Energy and Utilities area of Facilities. Most plant operations are performed through a computer-based control system.

Job Duties:
● Operate and monitor central plant including start up, shutdown and staging of turbines, boilers and chillers as part of normal operation and emergency situations. The operator is also responsible for control of equipment such as: pumps, air compressors, chemical feed systems, fuel supply systems, steam distribution systems, condensate systems, cooling towers and other auxiliary equipment.
● Follow plant operating procedures and complete assigned training as outlined by supervision and Utility Plant Operator training plan.
● Monitor and respond to alarms from plant control systems. Notify appropriate personnel in serious and emergency situations.
● Monitor and record plant operating data in the plant log and into a personal computer. Record in the maintenance logbook any changes in operation, unusual occurrences, irregularities, or discrepancies that occur while on duty. Report directly to the plant supervisor any and all problems encountered and any corrective actions taken.
● Add salt to the water softeners.
● Perform daily water chemistry tests and make adjustments as required.
● Perform routine maintenance of plant equipment as directed by supervision using the facilities work order system.
● Maintain overall cleanliness and appearance of the plant, including equipment, building and surrounding grounds.
● Oversee proper handling and unloading of fuel oil deliveries.
● Monitor and respond to alarms from the campus building management systems. Notify appropriate personnel in serious and emergency situations.
● Perform routine maintenance, such as, filter and belt replacement, greasing of bearings and linkages, and other assigned repairs to HVAC equipment in campus buildings.
● Adhere to OSHA standards, employ safe practices, and follow safety policies/procedures. Use PPE in safe manner, set example for others, notifies supervisor of potential hazards, and demonstrate good housekeeping habits.
● Support and promote the University's sustainability efforts
● Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
● High school diploma or equivalent.
● A minimum two (2) years' experience in operation of a power plant, boiler room or other industrial process involving equipment such as, boilers, turbines, generators, chillers, and related auxiliary equipment OR two year technical degree or certification in a related field of study.
● Basic knowledge of personal computers and ability to use them, including familiarity with Microsoft Excel, is required.
● Familiarity with industrial standard safety procedures related to the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, use of tools, and personal protective equipment.
● Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form with fellow operators, supervisors and others.
● Experience working in a team oriented environment. The successful candidate must be willing to share information, provide assistance at all times, accept work assignments, and follow directions. Demonstrated ability to use sound judgment and make decisions by gathering all relevant information and analyzing it in a logical manner. Seek advice and assistance from others when needed.
● Displays initiative and the ability to work with minimal supervision. This position will be expected to take the lead in identifying, analyzing and correcting problems and deficiencies, with appropriate input from coworkers and supervisors.
● Valid driver's license.
● Demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

Preferred Qualifications:
● Experience maintaining and repairing industrial equipment such as boilers, pumps, compressors, chillers, etc.
● Working knowledge of industrial digital control systems (PLCs) preferred.
● 2-year or 4-year college degree or additional certification in a relevant technical field is a plus.

Physical Demands:
● Ability to move around the entire work site including climbing ladders, stairs and scaffolds and entering confined areas.
● Lift and carry 75 pounds unassisted.
● Ability to work on ladders, scaffolds, elevated walkways, roofs and other elevated areas.
● Must use personal protective equipment appropriate to the task performed.
● The position requires use of chemicals, solvents, cleaners, and lubricants that may be hazardous and/or cause injury if specific instructions regarding their use are not properly followed.
● The person in this position works indoors and outdoors. There is regular exposure to dust, dirt, weather, and temperature changes.
● Must be able to reach campus within 45 minutes of driving time in the event of an emergency.

Work Type:

To apply, visit https://careers.bucknell.edu/en-us/job/496617/utility-plant-operator


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