Janitor - FT



City Colleges of Chicago is looking to fill a Janitor opening to perform all traditional janitorial work in and around the buildings.


• Dust all ledges, counter tops, files, office equipment, desk and walls.

• Dust mop all hard surfaces.

• Spot cleaning or complete washing of all walls, files, desk tops, office glass, partitions, doors, chairs, blackboards, mirrors, waste baskets and garbage cans, office machines and ash trays.

• Thorough cleaning of all bathroom fixtures and partitions.

• Polishing furniture.

• Metal polishing.

• Hosing and sweeping of sidewalks.

• Trash removal.

• Dismantling and cleaning of light fixtures.

• Operation of vacuum cleaners.

• Cleaning of Venetian blinds (washing & vacuuming).

• Policing of facility and grounds (inside & outside).

• Washing of exterior walls.

• Scraping of gum and other objects form hard surfaces and carpet.

• Spot cleaning furniture or carpet, but not more than 2 hours per day.

• Setting up and /or take down of chairs and tables.

• Wet mopping or spot mopping public corridors, washrooms, classrooms and any hard surfaces.

• Operation of compactors and /or balers.

• Maintenance of outside ground (raking, grass cutting, watering, garbage, etc.).

Qualifications :


• Completion of a high school diploma or the equivalent preferred.

• Preference will be given to current temporary janitors at City Colleges of Chicago.

• Must be able to perform all duties listed above.

We are an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Thank you for your interest in City Colleges!

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