Global Recruitment of Department Deans in the the School of Medicine by SUSTech

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
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Sep 24, 2020
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Based in Shenzhen, the School of Medicine of the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is oriented toward meeting the needs of both China and other parts of the world. It is positioned as an internationalized high-level research medical school featuring the integration of medicine with sciences, engineering, and the humanities. Its mission is to foster leading medical talents with international vision and expertise. The planned enrolment is 2,500 students. At present, the school is temporarily using the university’s existing building and facilities for teaching and research. Its own building is at the final design stage and will be constructed very soon.

The main building of the School of Medicine will be located on the campus of the SUSTech. The proposed construction site is located on the east of the campus, in the valley north of the Dasha River.

In accordance with the overall positioning and development goals of the School of Medicine of SUSTech, the construction project will be in line with the needs of modern universities for teaching, research and social services, facilitate the development of academic disciplines and scholarly research, and meet the needs of students according to their numbers. Under the precondition that the campus of the School of Medicine has complete and sustainable functions, the construction project will organically integrate the characteristics of medical science with international vision and the Chinese style, and reflect far-sighted, internationalized and digitalized approach as required by the designing plan.

As its initial step to develop academic disciplines, the School of Medicine provides the undergraduate program in "biomedicine " and “clinical medicine”, and enrolls students in a regular way. This year, the first batch of students specialized in biomedicine will graduate.

In March 2019, the School of Medicine was formally approved to provide undergraduate program in clinical medicine. The first batch of students were admitted in the autumn of 2019. Now the teaching for them is going on in a normal way. The enrollment for 2020 is in process too.

On June 10, 2019, SUSTech and King's College London signed a joint preparation agreement, by which a joint medical school will be established in the SUSTech, and the two sides will carry out in-depth educational cooperation in a number of medical disciplines. Through recruiting top talents and focusing on integrating academic disciplines with innovations, the School of Medicine will encourage the mutual promotion among education, research and talents to train first-class medical professionals and vigorously promote the development of medicine in education, health care and life science.

Guided by its founding dean Xing Mingzhao, the School of Medicine is actively building a first-class leadership and a core team of talents featuring solidarity, coordination, vitality and pioneering spirit under the leadership of SUSTech to achieve the above-mentioned objectives.

In order to speed up the development of international first-class medical disciplines of the School of Medicine, improve the school running and the international influence of research, the School of Medicine, with the approval by Southern University of Science and Technology, has set up a number of core departments and decided to recruit deans of departments from home and abroad.

I. Open posts and qualifications

(I) Dean of the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology

(II) Dean of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology

(III) Dean of the Department of Pathology

(IV) Dean of the Department of Oncology

(V) Dean of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology

II. Open posts and qualifications

  1. Education background in basic medicine and clinical medicine, Ph.D, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, good personal quality, lofty professional ethics, teamwork spirit and innovative mentality, upright, rigorous, pragmatic, dedicated and vigorous.
  2. Profound academic knowledge in relevant majors, with an international academic vision and an avant-garde idea to lead the development of the discipline, outstanding management experience in discipline development and talent training, ability to establish a high-level faculty with an orderly system of succession, huge potential and strong cohesion.
  3. To be able to lead the team to undertake national key basic research programs and clinical translation research programs, with the management capacity for organizing and guiding the research of the discipline, setting discipline orientations aiming at international academic frontiers in the relevant field and achieving advanced outcomes at home and abroad.
  4. With teaching management and reform experience, capable of leading the team to undertake undergraduate/graduate courses, and actively building university-level, provincial and national quality courses.

III. Application materials

(1)Personal resume: including educational background, working experience, introduction to teaching and research, academic degree certificates, information on publication of papers, and etc.

(2)Detailed construction plan of department.

The applicant is kindly required to send his or her personal resume and relevant evidentiary materials to, with the subject in the format of “name + post for recruitment”. We will make a preliminary examination of all the applicants’ materials, and will contact by email the applicants who are selected through the preliminary examination.

Contact person: Ms. Wang

Tel: +86-755-88018031



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