STEAM Specialist, Early Childhood-Oklahoma A+ Schools

Temporary position to last for one year unless grant is renewed.

Position Overview:

Implement, manage, plan, organize and coordinate STEAM integrated grant project for the 2020-2021 school year. Must have early childhood experience as well as STEAM expertise in the early childhood classroom. Coordinate all aspects of the project for the schools involved in the grant project. Ensure relevant guidelines, specifications, policy and/or procedures are followed for project duration. Facilitate communication between Oklahoma A+ Schools office/staff, project schools, and granting organization as needed. Coach and support project schools, their leaders, teachers and students, to help them set and achieve goals relevant to the project and the needs of the schools. Create, manage, and maintain relevant data to ensure accurate and accessible records of the project. Collaborate with, co-teach with, and coach project teachers. Conduct site visits, collect information and prepare reports summarizing statistical data describing and analyzing project objectives, making adjustments and recommendations for future work.

Department Specific Essential Job Functions:

Manage the grant project and project timeline for Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute. Responsible for all management and ordering of materials associated with the grant project, with assistance from OKA+ staff. Responsible to coach and guide assigned schools/classrooms to meet goals of the project. Responsible for project planning, implementation, and the development of the project schedule. Responsible for all communications with other OKA+ staff, particularly the Program Director and Executive Director, throughout the project timeline. Must be able to monitor and create effective instructional strategies, manage information, forecast needs, respond to principals and teachers, etc. Attend meetings with Program Director and Regional Coordinators to manage, plan, collaborate, and share information pertinent to the project and the OKA+ Network. Meet regularly and or provide reports to Executive Director on progress of the grant project.

Must be willing to work with both teachers in co-teaching role and with students as the lead instructor in the project. Responsible to meet with teachers and provide training to teachers in STEAM instruction to ensure sustainability of the project beyond the timeline. Responsible for management of time and effort associated with project to meet the needs of the project schools/classrooms within the time-frame and hours set forth. Responsible to make adjustments in the field, as well as in planning with Program and Executive Director, to ensure project guidelines and goals are being met.

This position requires some travel in order to perform the duties of the position. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Qualifications/Experience Required:

Early Childhood Education Experience. Expertise in STEAM education in the early childhood setting. Bachelor's degree in related field to the position plus 3+ years of relevant experience or 7+ years of equivalent work experience that provides knowledge of and exposure to fundamental theories, principles, and concepts. Demonstrated application of expertise in a chosen field to achieve results.

Qualifications/Experience Preferred:

Master's degree in Education. Experience in the OKA+ Schools Network or with OKA+ Schools Institute. Teaching experience.


Excellent oral and written communication, interpersonal, human relations, public relations, and organizational skills. Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher) and web-based applications. Proficient with social media for the purpose of promotion of the work and grant project. Ability to work independently, handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and interact professionally with all segments of the University community and project schools/classrooms. Ability to maintain confidentiality. Must be detail-oriented. Ability to work productively with a variety of personalities and in a variety of situations.

Physical Demands:

Reasonable accommodations (in accordance with ADA requirements) may be made, upon request, to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

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