Assistive Technology Coordinator, PAL AT Center

Massachusetts, United States
Competitive Salary
Sep 11, 2020
Employment Level
Employment Type
Full Time

Under the direction of the Director of PAL, the Assistive Technology Coordinator (ATC) oversees the Assistive Technology Center in the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL), which provides accommodations and services for students with disabilities registered with PAL and the Office of Disability Services. Primary responsibilities include coordinating with faculty and departments at Curry College in order to 1) Provide assistive technology services to faculty and students to enable curriculum access and support academic instruction; 2) Run the Testing Accommodations Center; 3) Monitor student eligibility for academic accommodations. 


 Assistive Technology Center Facilitation:

  • Collaborates with the Director of PAL on the development of strategic plans for assistive technology.
  • Collaborates with faculty and the Director to suggest AT Center policies and procedures.
  • Advises director on the acquisition of AT equipment and software.
  • Regularly briefs Director on AT issues.
  • Research and reviews new assistive technologies appropriate for Curry students, faculty and/or staff.
  • Attends conferences and workshops to improve AT skills and stay abreast of recent developments in the AT field.
  • Creates warm/inviting environment in AT Center and Computer Lab.
  • Maintains good working relationship with PAL faculty and staff.
  • Coordinates with campus offices and committees, including the Office of Disability Services, Tech Center, Library, Tech Committee, ADA Sub-Committee, etc.
  • Maintains and updates web-based resources for the AT Center and PAL (PAL web pages, Portal pages and forms, Blackboard courses, social media accounts, evaluation surveys, etc.)
  • Maintains signage in AT Center and PAL Lab with appropriate news and information about AT services.
  • Coordinates electronic/paper mailings to incoming and returning students regarding AT services available in PAL.
  • Answers questions from parents and students during admissions interviews and tours.
  • Supervises student workers assigned to the AT Center and Computer Lab. 

Manage Assistive Technology Equipment and Software:

  • Maintains, manages and distributes the inventory of PAL assistive technology equipment, including computers, laptops, tablets, keyboards, tablet keyboard cases, printers, scanners, copiers, smart pens, audio recorders, video recorders, microphones, stylus pens, headphones, headpieces, digital displays, and stylus pens.
  • Assures that all PAL Assistive Technology resources stay in good working order.
  • Ensures AT software is installed and updated on PAL devices; troubleshoots software/hardware interface as needed; Maintains and manages inventory of software licenses.
  • Initiates work orders and service requests when equipment is not functioning properly.
  • Orders and replenishes equipment and supplies as needed in collaboration with Director.
  • Secures AT equipment and supplies at the end of the day.
  • Works closely with Tech Center to: 1) check all equipment on an annual basis, 2) identify technologies that may require modification for PAL students, and 3) be aware of technologies available to the PAL and the broader Curry community.

Deliver Assistive Technology and Educational Materials:

  • Coordinates training of students, staff, and faculty on the use of AT devices.
  • Conducts Assistive Technology workshops for students, faculty and staff.
  • Individually trains students, student workers, faculty and staff on the use of AT applications and devices as necessary.
  • Advises and assists students in selecting and obtaining AT applications and devices.
  • Teaches AT component of PAL summer programs.
  • Develops and disseminates information for students, staff, and faculty on how to use and access AT supports and services. 

Support Tablet Platform:

  • Coordination to assist in managing iPad implementation.
  • Supports coordination and implementation of instructional sessions and materials. 

Provide Student Access to Alternative -Text Resources:

  • Responds to questions from students/parents by phone/e-mail regarding accessible text resources.
  • Assists students in completing applications for accessible text services.
  • Assists students in verifying eligibility for accessible text services.
  • Maintains institutional subscriptions to services that provide accessible text resources.
  • Coordinates efforts to convert texts to digital files that can be read by text-to-speech software applications.
  • Maintains digital library of alternative texts.

Run the PAL Testing Accommodation Center:

  • Provides exam accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Monitors CWIS & AT Center accounts for extended time and alternate format exam requests.
  • Sends/receives exam receipts via e-mail or hard copy on a daily basis.
  • Creates daily exam schedule, arranges supervision, and shares on a daily basis.
  • Proctors & returns completed daily exams to professors/Administrative Assistants.  
  • Applies college policies on academic honesty.
  • Maintains test security.
  • Assists students in use of web-based reservation system to sign-up for extended time/alternate format exams.
  • Troubleshoots minor technical difficulties and routine errors when they occur.
  • In collaboration with the Director and program coordinators, oversees large-scale efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to students on mid-term and final exams.
  • Works with department faculty and staff to assure adequate coverage of the AT center during midterms, finals, and other peak-use periods.

Monitors Student Eligibility for Academic Accommodations:

  • Oversees PAL AT Center student accommodations as listed on Accommodation Verification Forms.
  • In conjunction with faculty, the Program for Advancement of Learning, the Office of Disability Services, and students, arranges reasonable academic accommodations according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Data Management:

  • Maintains annual database of students approved for accommodations through the Program for Advancement of Learning and the Office of Disability Services, including testing accommodations, curricular accommodations, alternative text accommodations, etc., for the AT Center.
  • Maintains database for all AT instructional sessions.
  • Maintains digital library of alternative texts.
  • Assists with data entry and maintenance of PAL digital admissions records.

 Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree is required, in related field, such as education, assistive technology, applied computing, or applied developpmental sciences.
  • Relevant coursework in related content, such as Assistive Technology, Applied Computing, or Educational Technology.
  • At least 2 years of experience working with students with learning differences.
  • Strong computing skills and efficiency utilizing complex computing applications on the systems and programs of College’s choice; currently by way of example, Microsoft Office Suite. Good working knowledge of email and web browsers.
  • Good working knowledge of the Dragon software.
  • Understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act as applied to academic accommodations in higher education.
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to follow-up, follow-through, multi-task, set priorities and adhere to deadlines.
  • Some occasional evening, weekend and holiday work may be required.

 Preferred Qualifications:


  • One to three years of administrative experience in an AT Setting.
  • Working with students with learning differences.
  • 2 years of administrative experience in a secondary or post-secondary setting required.
  • Master’s Degree preferred.

At the College’s discretion, the education and experience prerequisites may be excepted where the candidate can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the College, an equivalent combination of education and experience specifically preparing the candidate for success in the position. 

Employment in this position is contingent upon the successful completion of all required pre-employment background checks. 

Please apply online at for consideration.  Interested Applicants must submit a resume, cover letter, and a list of three professional reference names, one of which must be a former or current supervisor, including complete contact information and professional titles.