Research Technician I

Position Summary

As a research technician you will perform routine tasks to support and directly assist a research project or program. Tasks may include:
• Care and maintenance of apparatus and equipment
• Care of animals used in tests
• Observe and record results using gauges, graphs or other measurement techniques and devices
• Assemble, prepare, label and dispense products or materials
• Take inventory

This is a pooled posting positions are filled on an as needed basis.

Minimum Qualifications

• Requires education in a specific field and at least one year of experience directly related to the research or the program.
• Also requires experience in a laboratory environment and/or with laboratory animals.
• For positions involving animal subjects, basic knowledge of the general physical characteristics and behaviors of animals used in an assignment
• An ability to observe changes in animal behavior and maintain records of an animal’s condition is required.
• Must have working knowledge of typical tests or procedures relative to the field and must have familiarity with the operation of specialized apparatuses or equipment.

Preferred Qualifications

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