Instructional Designer - Innovative Media

Colgate Information Technology Services (ITS) is a dynamic organization that serves the diverse technology needs of the university community. Comprised of several functional areas – Classrooms, Digital Media & Events; Data Analytics & Decision Support; Engagement & Support; Information Security; Learning & Applied Innovation; Services & Shared Infrastructure – ITS prides itself on exceptional customer service and building collaborative relationships to meet the unique needs of our liberal arts campus.

ITS endeavors to foster an inclusive environment that values diversity, professional development, creativity, and innovation to support the growth of individuals and the organization. Under the leadership of the CIO, ITS is embarking on a strategic planning process to align services and resources with several exciting new initiatives identified in Colgate’s Third Century Plan.

The Instructional Designer for Innovative Media is responsible for providing leadership, assistance and mentoring in the implementation and integration of current and emerging technologies in support of teaching, learning and research. A primary focus of the position will be to support the development of innovative media for pedagogy, scholarship and creative work, including instructional use of audio / video (e.g., digital storytelling, new media development) equipment. The Instructional Designer for Innovative Media will also manage a unique learning space, the Digital Learning and Media Center that offers direct support of curricular projects involving faculty and students. In addition, the Instructional Designer supervises and provides mentorship to a team of student media consultants who provide support to peers working on digital media projects in the DLMC.


  • Provide pedagogical and instructional design consultation to faculty and academic program personnel to plan and enhance instruction with digital media and tools, including analysis of faculty needs, instructional materials design and production, and course assignment development.
  • Serve in a leadership role for the support and development of the Digital Learning & Media Center (DLMC) as a premiere campus learning space (including the curation and maintenance of a digital technology lending pool).
  • Coordinate the supervision and management of a diverse team of student media students (including yearly hiring, managing semester work schedules, and approving time cards.)
  • Collaboratively design and facilitate learning opportunities for students and faculty focused on the effective use of digital technologies to support learning and course work.
  • Provide instruction and resources for existing and newly developed programs supported by the DLMC (e.g., digital storytelling, video narratives).
  • Model research-based practices in the use of innovative media when planning learning experiences.
  • Manage and participate in team-based project work that involves faculty, staff, ITS colleagues, librarians and student media consultants.
  • Work both independently and collaboratively with colleagues in the discovery, assessment, piloting and support of new technologies to enhance learning.
  • Regularly engage in outreach and consultation with faculty members to develop a grounded understanding of instructional approaches, course design challenges and scholarly interests.
  • Create learning opportunities that support exploration and experimentation with digital media.
  • Participate in the conception, development and implementation of new initiatives supporting the University’s strategic mission (Third Century Plan).
  • Have a clear understanding and commitment to diversity, equity and cultural competence.
  • Build strong collaborative relationships with colleagues on the Learning and Applied Innovation team, Informational Technology Services, the Center for Learning, Teaching and Research (CLTR), and University Libraries, to strengthen support for the academic mission of the University.


  • Demonstrated experience assisting faculty members (K-12 / college) with the effective use of technology to support teaching and learning, including facilitation of workshops to support course-based digital media projects.
  • Broad experience integrating web-based learning tools in educational contexts, combined with digital video editing skills, strong understanding of the use of innovative media, and support for creating instructional content using audio / video (e.g., digital storytelling, podcasts, screen recording, micro-lectures)
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning — demonstrated teaching experience strongly preferred.
  • Working knowledge of instructional design principles / practices (e.g., needs assessments, task analysis, activity design, prototyping, evaluation), to support the development of in-person and hybrid courses.

Preferred Qualifications           

  • Three (3) or more years experience working with clients in instructional design or educational development in a university setting.
  • Experience supervising and mentoring students in a university work setting.
  • Demonstrated understanding of educational technology trends, issues, and innovations.
  • Ability to troubleshoot technical issues via phone, email, videoconferencing and in person to find solutions to challenges faced by faculty.
  • Experience supporting the use of emerging digital media in educational settings (e.g., 360 video, knowledge of AR/VR systems, digital animation principles).
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills in project management.
  • Experience designing and conducting program evaluations and/or research studies.
  • Experience participating in pilot and large initiatives across an entire organization through consultation, facilitation, and training.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant field (including but not limited to education, instructional design, educational technology) OR a Bachelor’s degree with an equivalent combination of relevant professional experience.

Other Information       

Colgate is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and student population. We strive to be an inclusive community — one that embraces and values diversity (in the broadest sense possible) in an environment of mutual respect, communication, and engagement. A variety of cultures and perspectives enriches the quality of campus life, and the opportunity to share different views and experiences is at the core of Colgate’s educational enterprise. These differences can include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic background, national origin, culture, age, mental, cognitive and physical abilities, religious beliefs, and political beliefs.

As a result, we ask all candidates seeking consideration for this position to submit a diversity statement with their application materials.