Postdoctoral Associate, Medicine

Position Summary

Applicant should have a background in biology and immunology. Preferably with experience and knowledge in lung biology and cytokines and chemokines. The goal of the project is to determine the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and immune dynamics of a therapeutic nanoparticle in vitro and in vivo in alveolar macrophage. Applicants should have experience working with animals.

Basic professional knowledge of the disciplinary field and the ability to relate this knowledge to various phenomena under study. Requires the ability to apply the theory, concepts and principles in the field of study or discipline.

Primary responsibilities
o Data generation and analysis: Design, conduct, and analyze laboratory experiments independently. Organize and implement research plans.
o Analyze biological effects of small molecules and nanoparticles on cells in culture and in vivo animal models. Analyze data using statistical methods.
o Manuscripts preparation: Stay current with the literature in the field. Write introduction, methods, results, conclusion based on data interpretation.
o Presentation of data: Presentation of findings at local, national and international scientific meetings.

Minimum Qualifications

• PhD
• Applicants should have demonstrated outstanding performance throughout their previous studies with their own publications.
• The successful candidate is a highly motivated and exceptionally organized team player with good communication skills.
• Strong language and writing English skills are also important.

Preferred Qualifications

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