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Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp


Located on a 1,600 acre campus in West Michigan, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Inc. is a well-established, nationally recognized non-profit organization comprised of three major divisions, including a summer school of the arts, an international exchange program, and a classical/jazz/NPR public radio station. Founded in 1966 and currently in its 58th season of operation, the organization annually serves 6,000 students, 35,000 listeners, and thousands of festival attendees with a budget that exceeds $10 million.

While each division of the organization provides a unique pillar of the mission’s foundation, Blue lake Fine Arts Camp’s overarching objective is to create lifelong artists, enthusiasts, and patrons by offering quality arts education for all ages in a diverse and welcoming environment focused on encouragement and growth. The international exchange program aims to bridge cultural understanding through the universal language of the arts, and the public radio station compliments the organization’s goals through community engagement as the voice of the arts in West Michigan.

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