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Baton Rouge Community College


 BRCC has been a pillar institution serving the community for over twenty five years providing accessible, high quality and affordable training programs.  As a comprehensive community college BRCC offers transfer, career & technical training, and customized programs to meet the needs of our constituents.  We are an institution committed to excellence, student access, and success with over seventy-degree, certificate, and certified training programs.

At Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC), our unwavering commitment is to provide the necessary resources and support for all members of our faculty and staff to achieve success. We understand that our faculty and staff are the backbone of BRCC, and their contributions are instrumental in realizing our mission and vision.

BRCC is more than just an educational institution; it's a dynamic and rewarding place to work. Our campus is enriched with energetic and talented individuals who are deeply committed to BRCC's mission. We have a dedicated team committed to meeting the needs of faculty, staff, retirees, students, and the broader BRCC community.


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